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Newton's third law governs in the turning of gears. Basically a torque is formed due to a coupling force. Now a large gear is joined with the pivoted point of the blades. When the blade turns the gear turns too turning other gears as well.

Now why i said a large gear turning small gears is that for one rotation of a large gear a small gear does more rotation. So a small gust of wind turning the large gear to 1/100 th rotation turns the smaller gears to maybe 5 rotations.

Now to the amazing part. Getting to produce the electricity. The gears turning is connected to a dynamo. The dynamo is responsible for producing the required electricity. And that is the total analogy of a wind turbine.

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Q: What analogy is used to describe the gear system of a wind turbine?
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Examples of a pulley system?

There are many examples of a pulley system such as a drawbridge in a castle or a set of rock climbing gear

What is the advantage of the system of gears shown in the image?

The larger gear can be moved by applying a relatively small force on the smaller gear.

How does wind energy generate energy?

Wind energy can be transformed to a suitable form for human use. It could use turbine connected with dynamo to generate electricity. It could connect the turbine with gear and use the mechanical energy transformed to pump the water or operate a mill. It could use sail to catch the momentum of the wind to sail the ship.

How is wind energy converted to electric energy?

First, wind blows onto a turbine. The turbine is shaped in a way that when air blows on it, it rotates. The number of spins usually needs to be amplified before it can power anything by a gear system that which a larger gear whice the turbine is attached to connects to the smaller gear by the teeth. This can be repeated many times. The smallest gear then connects to a dynamo. Here is how a dynamo works: Movement of another body is transmitted to a rectangular coil of wire that is inside a U-Shaped magnet. The motion of this coil of wire cuts the magnetic flux in the magnet. Faraday once stated that-whenever there is a change in magnetic flux linked with a circuit there is an induced current and the strength of this induced current is directly proportional to the rate of magnetic flux-. So according to this rule when the magnet is in motion it is constantly cutting the magnetic flux, and as it does this there is a current that is induced (eddy currents). However a dynamo can either be A.C or D.C according to the brushes and number of commutators used (Flemings Right-hand rule). If we refer back to Faraday's rule it says that the strength of this induced current is directly proportional to the rate of magnetic flux. Hoped I helped.

Do wind turbines have to face the wind?

Of course new generation wind turbine has to face wind.The concept of wind turbine is this that wind has kinetic energy, and this energy is converted by WTG by rotary blade into mechanical energy through gear box then again into electrical energy through generator. Here mainly wind is the main criteria, which rotates blade in variable speed depends upon wind density. More density and wind speeed more power will be generated. Besides this there are many versions of wind turbine, Upwind means new generation wind turbine normally we observed, In Down wind turbines turbines has no relation with wind perpendicular to wind. I think you must have got the answer.

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What analogy is used to describe the gear system?

its something to do with gear and a sysyem

What analogy is used to describe gear system?

its something to do with gear and a sysyem

What is the difference between turbine turning gear and barring gear?

both are same using for rotating the turbine initially

What word completes the analogy gear to dress to garrison?


How does a wind turbine operate?

The Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) is broadly divided into three parts. • Tower • Nacelle • Rotor The tower of wind turbine generator supports the nacelle and the rotor. The nacelle contains the key components of the wind turbine, including the gear box, the electrical generator, control panels etc. The rotor blades convert the kinetic energy of the wind to electrical energy through gear box and generator. The hub of the rotor is attached to the gear box. The gear box has a low speed shaft for its input. The high-speed shaft of gear box rotates at approximately 1500 revolutions per minute (RPM) to drive the electrical generator system. The heart of the wind turbine is its controller, which is responsible for the operation of the whole turbine. The embedded software in the controller monitors the various inputs and other condition and controls/actuates the outputs accordingly.

What does a gear box on a wind turbine do?

The gear box increaces the rotational speed from about 30-60. The gear box is very costly and heavy.

What is warm rolling of steam turbine?

You don't start a large turbine cold. Typically, the lubrication system is started, the turning gear is engaged and warming steam (a small amount of steam, not enough to turn the turbine) is admitted to the turbine to warm and initially expand the shaft and casing. If this isn't done, thermal shock from the admission of high pressure superheated steam into the cold turbine could damage it.

Where are ratchet mechanisms used?

Ratchet mechanisms used in Gas power plant for Gas Turbine. (like Barring gear in steam turbine).

What is a turbine barring gear?

When a large turbine rotor stops it will still be hot and will tend to bend in the middle if left to cool normally. To prevent this the barring gear will turn the rotor slightly at given intervals during the cool down period.

What are the application of bearings?

Machinability for airframes, helicopter,landing gear applications, turbine engine applications....

What three gears make up a complete planetary gear system?

The gears in a planetary gear system are the drive gear, ring gear, and planetary gear.

If an electronically controlled transmission has a gear shift fault describe a suitable procedure for diagnosing this problem on modern electronic transmission system?