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What and when was Reconstruction?

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Reconstruction is the period after the Civil War until 1877. It was a period where the South was being punished by the North for starting the Civil War.

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Reconstruction was a horrible time for the American south.

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What is the name given to the historical period immediately following the civil war?


What is a sentence for Reconstruction?

Reconstruction of the wall has begun.The reconstruction of the building cost millions.The facial reconstruction was a success.

What was the bourbon reconstruction?

Less severe type of reconstruction than radical reconstruction.

What was the reason for Reconstruction?

What was the reason for Reconstruction?

Who did the reconstruction?

Abraham Lincoln did the reconstruction

When did reconstruction end?

Reconstruction ended in 1877.

How did the reconstruction end-?

The Reconstruction Era in the United States ended with the reconstruction of the south after the Civil War.

What are the four rival plans for reconstruction?

The Lincoln Reconstruction PlanThe Initial Congressional PlanThe Andrew Johnson Reconstruction PlanThe Radical Republican Reconstruction Plan

Describe Andrew Johnson's plan for Reconstruction?


What is johnsons reconstruction plan called?

presidential reconstruction

How do you use Radical Reconstruction in a sentence?

You are to radical to reconstruction.-.

What was Lincoln's attitude about Reconstruction?

he was dead when the reconstruction started

What was the reconstruction in the 1800s?

What was Reconstruction of the civil war times

What is a good Thesis statement for the reconstruction?

Reconstruction is a very big subject you need to narrow the topic down a bit eg the reconstruction of Berlin or the reconstruction of a damaged shoulder

Use the word reconstruction in a sentence?

Facial reconstruction was necessary after Ginger's car accident. The reconstruction of the living room was expensive. Annabella helped the police with a computer reconstruction of her attackers face. The reconstruction project took a long time.

How did the freedmen view freedom during reconstruction?

what was the role for the freedmen ain reconstruction what was the job for the freedmen in reconstruction governments

How was Congressional Reconstruction different from Presidential Reconstruction?

Congressional Reconstruction and Presidential Reconstruction happen around the same time with lots of debate when the president and congress didnÕt agree. Presidential Reconstruction is Johnsons attempt to using his power to rebuild the south and Congressional Reconstruction was controlling congress making the south to suffer.

How did Reconstruction help the South?

The South rejoined the union after reconstruction.

What are facts about reconstruction?

Leaders in the North disagreed about the terms of Reconstruction.

The Radical Reconstruction reached its height with the?

Miltary Reconstruction Act

What effects did the compromise of 1877 have on the reconstruction?

it helped end reconstruction

What is ossicular reconstruction?

It is the reconstruction of tiny bones of the middle ear

What was the name given to rebuilding the south?

Reconstruction OR "The Era of Reconstruction"

What was the period known for reconstruction?

The Reconstruction Era. You're welcome.

When did Ministry of Reconstruction end?

Ministry of Reconstruction ended in 1945.

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