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This varies depending on the design of the airplane, the weight of the airplane, and the weather conditions encountered during the takeoff, but is typically from 9 - 20 degrees nose up for jets.

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Q: What angle does an airplane take off at?
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Where did Shakespeare theater take off?

It was not an airplane, and thus could not take off.

Is the airplane go slow can it take off?

no it cannot take off if it is going slow

Do large planes need to take off at smaller or greater degree then the smaller planes?

It all depends on how much power is in the engines that can enable an airplane to take off at a steeper or shallower angle. Airplanes used for air shows and fighter jets are able to take off at a steep angle. Bush planes can also take off at a steep angle. A heavily loaded Air Bus, on the other hand, needs more clearance to be able to take to the air and thus may take off at a more shallower angle than a typical CF-18 Hornet would!

How do you remove an airplane propeller?

you take it off the shaft

What is meant by take off mass of an airplane?


How long does it take a small airplane to take off?

Usually about a minute.

How do you know how and when to take off on a airplane?

each plane has a set take off speed , flap position and weight for take off

Why does airplane needs wheels?

to gain speed for take off

How long does it take for an airplane to take off?

Depends on the size and type of the airplane. I wonder that it takes about four minutes for a Boeing 747-8.

How fast does an airplane go before take off?

Usually about 45 minutes or closer to an hour :) Improved: There are factors that alter the answer due to a) weight of airplane, b) size of airplane, and c) current weather conditions affecting take-off.

What is the take off speed for a small commercial airplane?

About 160 Knots

What happens when an airplane takes off against the wind?

It then produces lift due to wing configuration and can take off

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