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A dinosaur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(some dinosaurs) None alwaysattack without reson. Most animals attack because they have rabies, babies, are injured, sick, staving, frightend. Animals always have a reson.

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What are the most animal attacks on humans?


What animal attacks a dolphin?

sharks and humans

What animal attacks humans the most?

a bear if you mess with it

Which animal attacks and kills the most humans per year?


What animal kills and attacks humans?

you tell me what the answer is man. Syke the fastest animal in the world is usian Bolt.

Does another animal eat a platypus or attacks it?

yes, humans are animals and we attack their habitat.

Could humans survive without plant and animal cells?


How many animal attacks happen each year?

Millions (if you include dogs attacking humans, tens of millions).

Can fleas live on humans without animal around?

Human beings are animals. Yes, they can survive on humans without other animals around.

Do giant squid attack humans?

It attacks ships & whales but i don't think it attacks humans!

What is a renewable resource that humans can live without?

grass we can always live without grass

What is the most smartest animal?

Humans (ALTHOUGH it doesn't always seem that way)

What do humans do before using energy?

Humans can't live without energy - they have always used energy.

How do whales protect their calves?

Their parents don't protect them. Their the biggest animal in the ocean, so nothing attacks them except orcas and humans.

What interactions do sharks have with humans?


When will cattle go extinct?

Same time humans do. Cattle are a domesticated animal and without humans would die. They do not live in the wild.

How many lion attacks have there been?

Only the tiger has killed more humans than lions. Numbers are without question in the thousands.

Does pandas attack humans?

Any Type Of Bear Attacks Humans.

Did humans start animal extinction?

No, humans did not start animal extinction. Animal extinction has been going on since animals began. Mother Nature started animal extinction. Humans have not been around since the beginning of animal extinction. The dinosaurs almost all went extinct without human intervention, as did numerous species before and after them.

Do turkey's have heart attacks?

YESS!!! Pretty much any animal can get a may just be a little different than humans.Thank you

Is there a list of wolves killing humans in the US?

Wolf attacks on humans are rare but do occur. For a list of wolf attacks in North America, click on this link.

Viral disease that attacks humans?

Hepatitis A

Is there an animal that humans don't kill?

There is not an animal that humans don't kill!!!!!!!!

How do humans get anthrax?

In humans, the disease is almost always an occupational hazard, contracted by those who handle animal hides (farmers, butchers, and veterinarians) or sort wool.

What is the best behaved primate?

Orangutans are the best behaved Primates around humans and there have been very few reported attacks on humans and no fatal attacks at all.