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To my understanding, it is not possible for any living animal to travel at that speed without human intervention and mechanical assistance. That is, your tiger needs a rocket, and a human to build and hook it up, and then turn it on.

In dry air with a temperature of 21 °C (70 °F) the speed of sound is 344 m/s (1232 km/h, or 770 mph, or 1130 ft/s). No animals have gone this fast save man, and those animals he has launched in rockets.

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How long does it take a bullet to go half of a mile?

Bullets travel at differen speeds.Bullets travel at differen speeds.Bullets travel at differen speeds.Bullets travel at differen speeds.

What is the speed of sound in dry air?

770mph, or 1129ft/s.

In mph what is the speed of sound?

Approximately 770mph at approximately 68 degrees

How fast does a solar flare travel?

Solar flares travel at varying speeds. Some can travel at speeds of more than 1300 miles per seconds. generally, the larger the flare, the slower it moves.

Why do different colors travel at different speeds?

In vacuum they travel at exactly the same speed.

How do different colors of light travel?

Different Colors Of Light Travel At Different Speeds.

Why does speed travel at different speeds in different liquids?


What is hypersonic travel?

Answer A travel with a speed which is more then the speed of sound. Answer In aerodynamics, hypersonic speeds are speeds that are highly supersonic. The term has generally been assumed to refer to speeds of Mach 5 (5 times the speed of sound) and above.

How long does a continental plate to travel 1 meter?

Different plates travel at different speeds.

Does an earth satellite travel at constant speeds?

Sho nuff.

Does light travel at different speeds through different materials?


is it true that All light waves travel at different speeds in different materials?

never mind I figured it out. it is true

Who discovered that the planets travel at different speeds?

It was Johannes Kepler who produced the theory of the planets' positions and speeds which is accepted today.

Is the shark the fastest animal in the world?

no, the fastest animal in the world is a peregrine falcon in a vertical dive. it can reach speeds of up to 200 mph The fastest land animal is the Cheetah with an average speed of 70 mph. The fastest water based animal is the Sail Fish which is a member of the BillFish family, It can travel at speeds of 60 mph. However the fastest animal in the world is of the flying variety, and is a peregrine falcon which can exceed 200 mph when diving to catch a meal. Hope this helps Raver.

What different speeds does sound travel?

it travels at different speeds on buses cars and airoplanes caus they need to go on holidays to spain....... :)

When driving at slow speeds you should travel in what lane?

right lane

Does all light travel at different speeds in different mediums?


Why aircraft that travel at supersonic speeds cannot be heard on the ground?

The properties of air flow at supersonic speeds is different than for subsonic speeds. So the design of the shape of the airplane and the inlets for the engines have to be different in order for it to fly at supersonic speeds.

What is the fastest cat animal?

leopard can reach high way speeds

How fast does a tornado travel?

Tornadoes travel at speeds ranging from 0 to over 70 mph. The average is 30 mph.

What is the fastest sky animal?

A peregrine falcon is the fastest sky animal and can dive of speeds of up to over 200mph.

What is the name of the fastest water animal in the world?

The fastest marine animal is the sailfish, reaching speeds of up to 65mph.

What animal is the fast in world?

The cheetah is the fastest land animal, reaching speeds between 70 and 75 mph.

In what ways are sound waves and electromagnetic waves different?

They travel at different speeds.

Dying comet fragments that battered Jupiter travel at speeds?

meters and kilometers

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