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New reply: Not only people eat sharks. There are some whales who also feed on sharks, such as the killer whales. The killer whales have a higher chance it of eating sharks because sharks and killer whales are both aquatic carnivores.

Well, humans for one. We kill millions of sharks every year and eat a lot of shark fin soup, especially in the east. Sharks have also been known to cannibalize their own species. Those are all the predators of sharks I know of but there may be others.

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What animal eats catfish?


What sea animal eats fish?


What eats seals?

An animal that eats seals is a killer whale. And sharks. And Eskimo'sOrcas, great white sharks

What animal eats seals?

sharks eat seals

What animal eats a swordfish?

sharks or larger fish

What Ocean animal eats crabs?

tiger sharks

What animal eats fishers?

sharks eat fishers

What animal from the ocean eats a western gull?


What ocean animal eats bull sharks?


What sea animal eats hammerhead sharks?

Orcas, and many other larger sharks

What animal eats the purple striped jellyfish?

sharks probably

What animal eats Ghost Crabs?

They get eating by sharks and whales

What animal eats plankton?

Grey Whales and whale sharks

What animal eats sea otters?

white sharks, eagles

What sea animal eats dead sea animals?


What under water animal eats crabs?

Tiger sharks :)

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humans and other sharks

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Sharks, Alligators, and Crocodiles

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i know killer whales eat sharks but i dont anything else that eat sharks.

How can you tell a sharks carnivore?

Any animal that eats meat is a carnivore.

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Different types of whales eat sharks

What kind of animal eats killer whales?

The kind of animal is a shark, after the whale dies the shark, comes and eats it. Sharks will come in groups.

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