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Q: What animal gets you the most money tap zoo?
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What is the most expensive tap zoo animal?

Giant Squid - 630,000,000

What happens when tap water gets contaminated?

When tap water gets contaminated there is high risk for diseases to spread.

What kind of roots do money plants have?

A money plant has tap root as it has all properties of tap root

How do you gat a roommate in animal crossing wild world?

when you start the game tap other things the tap immigration

What happens to a gummy worm in tap water?

Gets wet.

Does money plant has tap root?

No, Money plant often has adventitious roots

How do you kill an animal in mine craft pocket edition?

Tap it

What animal do you get after you complete creation station on tap zoo?

You get a Zonkey!

What do you do with credits on tap tap revenge 4?

With credits on TTP4 you can download other songs that would normally cost money

How do you wave your hand in Animal Crossings?

When you get next to an animal in your town you tap on them with your stylis and you will exchange waves! =D hope that helps!

Where does tap water come from?

Tap water comes from the water faucet. It gets to the water faucet from the water treatment plant through the water storage takes and lines.

What is the difference between disciplining an animal and actually abusing the animal?

When you discipline an animal, sometimes that's all it takes is a harsh word or a tap. Abuse is when the animal is beaten for no reason, or ignored or neglected.

How do you delete my animal on Tap zoo?

stop feeding it and taking care of it and it will die

What animal on tap zoo is made by cross breeding a hedgehog and stag?


How do you get exp on tap zoo?

when your animals have little coins above their heads tap those and you will get coins and experience. To get an animal go to "Animals" and you can use your coins to get one.

How do you get an Asian White-backed vulture on Tap Zoo?

An Asian White-backed vulture isn't an animal listed on the list of animals you can buy on Tap Zoo.

How do you make fast money on the sims 3 i pod or iPhone?

First you tap the 3 dots on the bottom left, then tap (Help & about). tap gardening tips then shake the device (you may need to do it hard) then you should see the money sign. you gain i think 100 or more coins in 1 shake but memorize your money then shake and watch it go up!

How do you test for LSD after 5 hours?

the only test i know of is a spinal tap, most employers wont do it as a regular drug test seeing as it cost alot of money to do

Is tap water safe for drinking?

In most communities, tap water is safe for drinking.

How do you feed the animals on zoo tycoon ds?

Zoo Tycoon: Sorry! Hire a zookeeper instead. Zoo Tycoon 2: Tap an animal. Then tap the icon. Now tap the feeding icon. Good luck!

How do you earn a star on tap zoo?

You cannot earn stars on tap zoo. You need to buy them through the app by paying real money.

How do you install a tap tap revenge 3?

Go to the app store. Go to search. type in tap tap revenge three. Download it. TTR3 Boost costs money. The regular version is free. Choose one and type in your password if needed. Enjoy!

On animal crossing wild world how do you open your mailbox?

You tap on it, or you walk in front of it and press A.

Why are oxygen tanks in hospitals compressed?

To get more oxygen into the space, and to ensure that it gets out when you open the tap.

What is the loudest rock song?

spinal tap: gimmie some money