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Q: What animal testing does excedrin do?
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Where can you find animal testing graphs?

Animal testing graphs on how many die and get injured go to ..... not graphs but figure which will help....

Why animal testing is good?

Animal testing is not good.

Is animal testing okay?

animal testing is NOT okay

What is the difference of abuse testing and animal testing?

Animal testing you need it, if not they would test humans,

Why animal testing is right?

Animal testing isn't right.

One alternative to animal testing is Chorioallantoic Membrane Testing but how expensive is that compared to animal testing?

SUPER EXPTREMLY EXPENSIVE animal testing is the cheapest and most efficiant way

What can you do to stop animal testing?

You can stop animal testing by buying NON animal tested products...

When did animal testing began?

Animal testing began in the 17th Century.

Who are the stakeholders against animal testing?

people who are against animal testing.

Is hunting just as bad as animal testing?

no it is not as bad then animal testing

Why is animal testing being done?

animal testing is being done because people don't care, they are fannys and they should be killed. If we do animal testing, we won't know the turn out of the product on humans so we will be killying the humans. Animal testing suxz. animal testing is done because people DO care

What is scientific animal testing testing for?

Everything. Without animal testing certain products, materials, and medications would have to be tested on humans. Many people don't realize that animal testing has the biggest part in the medical field. Without animal testing you would not have basic antibiotics that you get from your doctor.

How many like animal testing how many don't like animal testing?

Animal testing is not okay. Thousands upon thousand of animals a year are subjected to poisoning, injury, and cruel conditions for the sake of animal testing. There are plenty of more humane ways to go about testing products.

What happens to animals in animal testing?

well if the testing is from animal haters the animal will die but if they are good it will live......

How many people disagree with animal testing?

There are a lot of people who disagree with animal testing. The exact number is not known. The subject of animal testing is highly debated.

What are some moral beliefs on animal testing?

if you believe in animal have no morals,,,i no this because i just wrote a 5 page paper on animal testing and its horrid

What is the American government's opinion towards animal testing?

The current laws regarding animal testing are that the animal testing must be carefully reviewed and overseen. There are several laws regulating the use of animals for testing.

Where does animal testing take place?

Animal testing most often takes place in laboratories. This is often considered animal abuse. Animal testing can also take place in colleges and universities.

Is some animal testing required by law?

No. There is no legal requirement for animal testing.

Is there animal testing in Australia?

Yes, animal testing is around the whole world !

How can animal testing affect humans?

There have been many medical advances when it comes to animal testing including aspirin testing and such.

What is a clever title for animal testing?

testing testing 123

Why is animal testing legal?

Animal testing is legal because animal testing has been used to cure some of the deadliest ailments. Animals used in testing are also mostly rats and mice, who have safe, comfortable homes.

How many animals get hurt during animal testing?

It is not known how many animals get hurt during animal testing. Not all facilities that use animal testing make it public, Millions of animals are hurt world wide each year due to animal testing.

Good points about animal testing?

there is nothing good about animal testing, you heartless bafoon