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Goats are herbivores so they do not eat animals.

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Do goats eat animals or plants?

goats do eat plants but not sure about animals but maybe small animals

Name plants and animals that sheep and goats eat?

Sheep and goats are herbivores so they do not eat animals. The common plants that they will eat are: trees, shrubs, grasses, and flowers of any type.

What animals like to eat pumpkins?

There are many animals that will eat pumpkins. Some of the animals that eat pumpkins are raccoons, chimpanzees, elephants, and goats.

Can goats eat mushrooms?

It is not advised that goats eat mushrooms which grow in the wild. Some species of mushrooms can be very toxic to these animals.

What animals eat corn or the cob?

There are several animals that will eat corn on the cob. Some of the animals that eat the corn are pigs, chickens, goats, and horses.

Why can goats dont eat the flesh of others animals?

As goats are herbivores is vegetarians and if they ate the meat of other animals they could catch various diseases and die.

Name the animals that eat plants?

Many animals eat plants. The animals that eat plants are known as herbivores. Ex. cows, goats, horse, donkeys,kangaroos etc.

Are olive leaves poisonous to goats?

No, olive leaves are not poisonous to goats at all. Goats, cattle, sheep and other animals love to eat olive leaves.

What animals did Vikings eat on Greenland?


What dose a golden eagle eat?

small animals sometimes deer and goats

What animals in a meadow eat only grass?

Sheep , cattle , goats , deer ,

What 2 animals eat goats cows and caribous?

Humans and wolves or coyotes.

What animals live in the mountainside?

Mainly ones that eat grass, such as sheep, or goats.

What animals birds insects etc eat lichens?

Both mountain goats and caribou eat lichens.

Do chupacabras eat people or animals?

On the one hand, they eat goats; on the other hand, they don't exist.

What animals eats trees?

What animals eat trees?Animals that eat trees: Horses,Goats,Cows,Donkeys,Mules - there maybe some more but these are the most common,

What do animals eat in the Sahara?

It depends on the animal, whether they are a herbivore, carnivore or omnivore. It ranges from plants, to animals such as goats.

What kind of food do goats eat?

Wild goats eat what is available. We feed domestic animals high quality hay and some type of grain as a supplement to that while milking.

What eats tall grass?

lots of animals eat it. one example is cows or goats

Goats can be very sweet calm animals can they not?

Goats can be very gentle and sweet and all have individual personalities. Contrary to popular belief, goats do not eat everything in site and they do NOT eat tin cans! Goats are very curious by nature and will explore things with their mouths much like human babies but they do not actually eat these things.

What are some animals that eat plants?

Animals that eat plants are referred to as herbivores. Commonly known domesticated herbivores include cattle, horses, sheep and goats.

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