What animals does Michael Morpurgo have on his farm?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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Q: What animals does Michael Morpurgo have on his farm?
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What interests does Michael Morpurgo have?

He likes working on his farm!!

What subjects does Michael Morpurgo write about?


What genre is farm boy by Michael Morpurgo?

Random, Any Genre you think it is

When was the death of Michael morpurgo?

Michael Morpurgo is not dead.

What is Michael Morpurgo's birth name?

Michael Morpurgo's birth name is Michael Andrew Bridge Morpurgo.

Does Michael Morpurgo have a family?

yes Michael morpurgo has a family

Who killed Michael Morpurgo?

Michael Morpurgo is not dead.

Was Michael Morpurgo a school caretaker?

Michael Morpurgo was a school teacher.

When Michael morpurgo get married?

Michael Morpurgo got married 1963

Who was Michael Morpurgo's mother?

Kippe morpurgo

What genre does Michael Morpurgo like?

michael morpurgo likes writting in the documentry.

What is Michael's morpurgo's mum name?

Jane Morpurgo