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Animals around the area. You could list them all you have to learn for yourself suck in sucker

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Animals that depend on plant matter?

Animals that depend on plant matter are horses and animals which don't eat plants only.

Why do plant cells have chloroplasts but not animal cells?

Plants make their food own. Animals directly or indirectly depend on plants

Dependence of animals on plant life?

1 . plant produce food by the process of photosynthesis and animals depend directly or indirectly on them for food 2 . plant produce oxygen during photosynthesis and animals use this oxygen for respiration 3 . plant act as habitat for the animals dwelling on trees

What happens when a plant is eaten by an animals?

food chain happens , that is- a plant is eaten by an animal and the carnivores animal eats the plant eaten animal , carnivores means flesh eating animals, so the carnivores animal is indirectly depend on plants

Do mushrooms get their energy from the sun?

Yes, since fungi decompose animal and plant matter, they indirectly derive energy from the sun. This is an analogous process to animals consuming plant material.

State two ways in which plant depend on animals?

Plants depend on animals for fertilization and consumption.

What do the grassland animals depend on?

Everything goes back to the grass and forbes that grows in a grassland. From there, it works up to the top predators. Without any plant matter, there will be no animals to speak of.

Does anacondas depend on plants or other animals for it survival?

Anacondas are not plant eaters, so they do depend on other animals for its survival.

Are organisms in the plant kingdom mobile?

Not by themselves but wind, water, or animals can indirectly move some of them.

What are herbavores?

They are animals that can only digest plant matter.

What process do both plant and animals use it for?


How are plant and animals life dependent on the water cycle?

all the plant and animals depend on the water cycle some more than others

How does photosynthesis feed humans?

it gives the humans air to bretheHumans feed on plant material or meat. Animals human eat feed on plants. So directly or indirectly human feed on plants. Plants depend on photosynthesis

How do plants and animals depend on each other to survive?

a plant depends on an animal for fertilisation ( a bee spreading pollen and animals depend on plants for food and nutrition.

Plants and animals depend on one another in an?

they eat and interact with the plant by eating it

Organic matter in soil is made from?

decayed plant and animals

What is the decaying organic matter in soil?

Debries of plant and animals

What are some animals that eat animals and plants?

Animals that eat both plant matter and animal matter are called Omnivorous. An example would be a Black Bear.

Do humans depend directly on sunlight for energy?

Humans do not depend on sun for energy. They depend on sun via plants or plant eating animals for energy.

What do land animals depend on?

Land animal depend on angiosperms for the fruit. At the same time angiosperms rely on animals to carry the fruit to another location to plant the seeds.

What kinds animals are omnivore?

Omnivores eat both plant and animal matter. Herbivores only eat plant matter and carnivores eat only animal matter.

How do animals depend upon plants?

Animals depend upon plants to produce oxygen (photosynthesis), to absorb carbon dioxide (plant respiration), and as a food source. Even animals that eat other animals (carnivores) depend on plants as a food source, as that is likely what their prey eat to survive.

What is the interlocking life in an area where plant and animals depend on each other is called?

an ecosystem

What do decomposers eat?

They eat dead organic matter.Decomposers eat dead animals and plant matter.

How do animals and angiosperms depend on each other?

The herbevour animals eat leaves of angiospermic plant as their food and angiospermic plants get manure from the excretion of these animals.

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