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Animals that live on the sea shore are the animals you see on the beginning of the sea like crabs, starfish, turtles. For more help look up seashore ecosystem on Google and a website might help you.

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What are the 2 characteristics of animals that live in the seashore?

1. They're animals 2. They live on the seashore

What is ecosystem is ecosystem?

its the habitat were animals live

What animals live in a river ecosystem?

Animals that live in a river ecosystem are fish, starfish, algae, ect...........

Examples of symbiotic relationship seashore ecosystem?

symbiotic relationship in a seashore

What is the difference between environment and ecosystem?

=Ecosystem is the habitat the animal lives in and the enviroment is the surroundings of where the animals live in....==Ecosystem is the habitat the animal lives in and the enviroment is the surroundings of where the animals live in....==Ecosystem is the habitat the animal lives in and the enviroment is the surroundings of where the animals live in....=

Why is a desert an ecosystem?

An ecosystem is a place where plants and animals ( maybe humans ) live and animals and plants live in the desert so … 

Is the world an ecosystom?

No the world is not an ecosystem. An ecosystem is where animals live in a habitat

What animals live in seashore?

The animals the you could sea in the seashore is a krabby, kingler Pelipper and many more you can catch the using a net ball or a ball good against water type Pokemon ^^ ^^ ^^

What defines an ecosystem?

the way people and animals live

Where do animals and plants live?

They are all part of an ecosystem.

What are a few animals that cannot live in a pond ecosystem?

Well, Deers and Rabbits cant live in a pond ecosystem because they are forest animals and also bats. So any forest animal you can think of mostly cant live in a pond ecosystem

Why should Amazon rainforest animals live?

Since it has a wide variety of animals and biodiversity, the animals should live and maintain the ecosystem.

What is the desert ecosystem?

The desert ecosystem means Where animals live in the desert it is like their habitat or where they use what they have.

What must an ecosystem have?

It must have food, water, and room for animals to live in. If the area is too crowded animals may move on to a different ecosystem.

What animals live in a rhino's ecosystem?

Cheetahs lions and ellephants

Is a jungle an ecosystem?

yes it is, animals live in the jungle. dont they

Which birds live by the seashore?

Many birds live by the seashore. They include pelicans, seagulls, and sand pips.

Population in an ecosystem taken together?

animals and plant which is a kind of a population in an ecosystem because they live and they are biotic

Animals found in seashore?

There can be lobsters, crabs, starfish, snails, and bugs. That is mostly it, depending which seashore it is.

What will happen if there are no decomposeres in an ecosystem?

Then an ecosystem will get dirty, making it hard to live in. Therefore the animals will move to a different habitat and find a new ecosystem.

Why is the rainforest such a diverse ecosystem?

the rainforest is the most divrse ecosystem because it is the wettest ecosystem. and all animals need water and sunlight to live.

Why do most plants and animals live in ecosystems?

In an ecosystem plants and animals have mutually supportive relationships.

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