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Q: What animals prey on pheasants?
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What is a pheasants predator?

Pheasants can fall prey to many predators, including cats, coyotes, owls, foxes, dogs, weasels, and similar other animals.

What is the diet of Siberian tigers?

The Siberian tiger is the top predator in its environment. They can prey on animals as large as a brown bear,but deer and wild pig make up the bulk of their diet. They may also prey on smaller animals, whatever they can catch, including rodents, and large birds, such as pheasants.

Is a pheasant a bird of prey?

No. Pheasants eat seeds and some insects.

What group of animals belong to a nide?


What are animals the prey of?

Animals are the prey of other animals/predators.

What are animals called - that are eaten by other animals?

Prey, or prey animals.

What do animals prey on in the south pole?

they prey on polar animals

How does camouflage help animals?

If they animal is a carnivore, camouflage helps it stay undetected by its prey, however, if it is a prey, camouflaging helps the animal to stay undetected by the predator.Animals need camouflage in order to hide from their predators. For example: Hen Pheasants are brown so when they are nesting in the tall brown grass they are harder for hunters and predators to see.It can hide them from their enemies (that is the ones higher on the food chain).The most important reason why animals camouflage is to hide from a predator.

What animals did the poor Tudors eat?

deer, rabbits, hogs,pheasants, ducks,

What kind of animals do they prey on?

Different animals prey on other animals. In most cases, the carnivores are the ones that will prey on other groups of animals. A good example is a lion preying on an antelope.

How long can ring-necked pheasants live?

The average life of a wild pheasant is about 14 months. There is high mortality in pheasants as there is in most prey species. It is common for a pheasant to live 2 years but 3 year old birds are not common.

What is the relationship between predators and prey in an ecosystem?

Predators~ the animals that hunt on other animals. Prey~ the animals that get hunted upon.

Who is the horse prey?

Horses are not predators, they are prey animals, hence they do not have prey or prey on animals to eat. Instead, they eat grass and forbs, since they are herbivores.

What kind of animals are the bisons prey?

Bison do not have prey. They are prey animals themselves, meaning they are preyed on by other animals like wolves and bears. Bison are herbivores: they eat plants, not other animals.

What are native animals of South Dakota?

There are a variety of animals that are native to South Dakota. These animals include coyotes, pheasants, deer, squirrels, ferrets, as well as buffalo.

Name three animals that use camouflage as a means of survival?

The Chameleon, the Pheasants, and the Birds.

Animals that hunt are called?

Prey animals.

Is the animal a type of prey?

Yes, most of the animals are a type of prey for larger animals.

What animals prey on vultures?

No animals prey on Vultures because they are the top of the food chain.

Are cows prey animals or predators?

Cows are prey animals.

Can humans be prey?

Yes, humans can but aren't often prey to other animals. Of course they are not prey to everything just certain animals.

What animals prey on bats?

Birds of prey.

Is the American crocodile predator or prey?

It is both. It preys on some animals and other animals prey on it.

Do pinto horses prey on other animals?

No, horses do not prey on other animals. They are plant eaters.

Collective noun for flock of pheasants?

The collective nouns for pheasants are:a bevy of pheasantsa bouquet of pheasantsa brace of pheasants (2)a covey of pheasantsa head of pheasantsa nest of pheasantsa nide of pheasantsa nye of pheasantsa warren of pheasants