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Yes, there was a light horse brigade back in the first world war.

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What animals were used in the medieval wars?

Horses by knights

What jobs did animals do during the World War 2?

The main animals used in the World Wars were horses. They were used for pulling wagons and equipment as well as providing transportation for many of the soldiers. Pigeons and Dogs were also used. They were vital in carrying messages between the soldiers.

Were battleships used during the world wars?

Yes battleships were used in both World Wars and fought in several major battles in each.

Did the Romans use maces during the wars?

yes they used them in 1852

Which strategy used during both world wars resulted in the mobilization of countries entire populations to supports war efforts?

The Strategy used during both world wars is Total War

Explain How oxygen is obtained by animals and then used by animals and then used during cellular respiration?

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What product do plants produce during photosynthesis that is used by humans and other animals?

The product plants produce during photosynthesis is oxygen. This is of course widely used by animals and humans.

Who was the general who used elephants during the Punic Wars?

The Carthaginian General Hannibal Barca .

What were animals used for in the war?

Animals were used for transportation, messeges, and other things. Horses were a source of transportation. Dogs were messengers or detected bombs. elephants pulled hevey tanks and things. Animals took a important roll in the wars.

Was sugar used for wounds during Napoleonic wars?

Yes, it was used as a disinfectant to treat cuts and bullet wounds.

How do you control what is used during battle in Mafia Wars?

i think it is taking the beste Equipment in your Stock

Caesar conquered gaul during what wars?

Caesar conquered gual during the Gallic wars.

Who was a neutral country during wars?

Switzerland was the country that advoided conflict during the world wars.

Who used medieval animals?

There really is no such thing as "medieval animals." There were animals used or that lived during the middle ages in Europe. They are the same animals that exist there today, with the exception of the turkey and a few other animals that were later imported from America and Australia.

What wars did Queen Victoria have during her reign?

opium wars

General who sacked rome during the punic wars?

No one sacked Rome during the Punic Wars.

what did not occur during the civil wars in Mozambique and Angola?

Which did not occur during the civil wars in Mozambique and Angola?

What wars were the gatlin gun used in?

The original Gatling gun was used in the American Civil War, a couple examples were used in Canada during the North-West Rebellion, the Indian Wars, the Spanish-American war, the wars which came with the expansion of the British Empire into Africa and the Middle East, and the Russians used them against the Turkmen.

What war was a us springfield 1884 serial number 475635 used in?

rifle made 1890 and used during the Indian wars................

How should animals which are used as means of transport be treated?

Animals should always be treated kindly regardless of their use. Animals used for transport should be highly hydrated during use.

What were the animals used in medieval wars?

They were used as food,muels were used as caravans to transport armys and villages,some where killed and their bones were carved into weapons like knifes and daggers.

What weapons were used during the Renaissance wars?

crossbows, swords, and bows & arrows. gunpowder was not invented yet.

What was entertainment like during the Tang Dynasty?

It was gladiators and wars It was gladiators and wars It was gladiators and wars

What things were used as trade or barter during preshistoric times?

Usually animals or home produce were used.

What animals were drafted during World War 1?

Horses and mules can be used as draft animals (i.e. to pull loads).

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