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What animals with letter b and have 3 letters in it?

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bat bug

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What are some animals that begin with the letter B and have 3 letters?

The Boa Bat

What snake has 3 letters in it and starts with the letter b?


What is a five letter word with b as 3 letters?


Scottish mountain 3 letters 1st letter b?


What is the opposite of stern and has 3 letters and starts with the letter b?


What are some animals that begin with the letter B and is four letters?

Bear, bull, boar, bird, The fish Bass

What animal's name starts with a a b or c and has 7 letters?

Barn owl, blue jay, buffalo, bulldog and buzzard are7 letter animals that start with B. Caribou, cheetah, chicken and cricket are 7 letter animals that start with C.

Which letter continues this pattern of letters in the alphabet b e i n?

it takes 2 letters to reach b, then 3 to reach e, 4 to i, 5 to n, which means the next letter must be 6 away. The letter is therefore T

What is a five letter word with b as 3 letter?

Your grammar makes no sense, I'm guessing you mean "A word with 5 letters that has B as the third letter." Answer: Amber Debut Table

What b is for maybe with eight letters?

The word possibly is an 8-letter word that contains the letter B.

What are some school supplies that start with the letter B?

binders, bags, binder dividers, boxes to keep your things in, ballpoint pens

What are some letters starting with b?

Letters are symbols. They don't start with anything, it's that letter and that letter alone.

What is the 3 letter in blood?

If you're talking about blood types, the letters are A, B and O. There is also type AB.

How many differrent ways can you arrange the letters of the word revolver?

25,200 different letter arrangements.You have 8 letters where 3 are repeated. Let's represent them as 2 groups of letters:A, B, C, and A, B, C, D, E.The number of different 3 letter permutations that the first group of letters can make, A, B, C, is: 3! = 6The number of different 5 letter permutations that the second group of letters canmake, A, B, C, D, E, is: 5! = 120.From the 8 total spaces that the letters ocupy, the 3 letters of the first group can onlyocupy 7, because they can only take the space of one side of the letter equal to they.Ocupying the other side is equivalent to a permutation between them and that doesnot produce a new array.So the number of different arragements of letters that can be made in the wordrevolver is: 3!∙ 5!∙ 7C3 = (3x2)∙(5x4x3x2)∙[7!/(3!∙4!)] = 25,200If all the 8 letters where different, the number of 8 letter different arrangements possible is 8! = 40,320

What is the 5 letter word with letters a-b-r?


What 7 letter words start with b and have the letters lnzfktehra?

There are no 7 letter words that include the 11 letters blnzfktehra.

What word can you make with the letters x c e e b d g?

The letters can be used to spell the 5 letter word xebec. The letters spell the 4 letter words edge and exec. They spell the 3 letter words bed, bee and beg.

What is the measure of A B C?

All the letters together is the fast 3 letters

What counry start with the letter b and has 10 letters?


What vegetable that begins with the letter b with 4 letters?


What is a letter that has 8 letters and it starts with b and it is Australia?


Are there any safari animals that start with the letters b or s or n?


What animals are four letters long and end with b?

Lamb Barb Crab

Seven letters first letter b and last letter r?

Oh, brother.

What can you spell with these letters birootn starting with the letter b and ending with the letter n?