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The terracotta warriors were found from the highest of technologies after being discovered by the two males in search for other discoveries scientist and archaeologists used a tempermental sustainability machine to show what time present the warriors were built in and to discover what they were for, took the research for awnsers and machinery of the highest technology.

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Q: What archaeological processes were used to discover the Terracotta Army?
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When was the the terracotta warriors found?

The terracotta army was discovered in 1974 by a group of local farmers digging a well. While they were digging they found a terracotta warriors head, and began digging to a huge archaeological discovery none to be the mausoleum of Qin Shi Haung-Di (The Terracotta Army).

How did people discover the terracotta army?

first it was a mastake by farmers now acrheoligest study it

What is the Terracotta Army know as?

the terracotta army

When was the terracotta army buried?

terracotta army

When was Terracotta Army created?

Terracotta Army was created in 1974.

What did a Terracotta Army do?

1. The Terracotta Army was created by the first emperor 2. The Terracotta Army Fights like of course

How tall is the Terracotta Army?

The Terracotta Army warriors were all lifesized but they were different heights.

What materials was used to create the Terracotta Army?


Was the army of terracotta warriors originally above or underground?

The Terracotta Army warriors were originally underground.

Who was the Terraccota Army?

The Terracotta Army was an army of life-sized terracotta figurines found in an ancient Chinese Imperial burial.

What types of ceramic work is the Terracotta Army?

terracotta work

How is the Terracotta Army related to Qin?

They were his army

What makes the terracotta army so special?

the terracotta army is special because chinese people found it

How do you write Terracotta Army in Chinese?

Terracotta army in Chinese. jk its ่ตค้™ถๅ†›้˜Ÿ. :)

What year was the terracotta army built?

the Terracotta warriors were built in 2000

Where is the Terracotta Army in China?

The terracotta warriors are found in Xi'an, China

Where did the the Terracotta Army lived?

the Terracotta Army figurines are not people therefor they didn't live anywhere or at any time

How long was the Terracotta Army buried for?

The estimated burial time of the Terracotta Army is around 209 BCE, and the discovery time is 1974 CE. Thus, the Terracotta Army was buried for 2100 years at least.

What are facts about the terracotta army?

A fact about the terracotta army is that 1.All of the clay soldiers represent one of the soldiers that was in the army. So it basically represents the soldiers that was in the army.

Can you only see the Terracotta Warriors from a viewing stand?

For protective purpose, it's normally forbidden to enter the pits except staffs doing archaeological work. Tourists could see the Terracotta Warriors at a distance form the stands around them. To have a close look at the warriors, there are also some of them displayed separately in the Museum of the Terracotta Army.

Who was the leader of the Terracotta Army?

There are many important general figures in the formation of the Terracotta Army. The supremo should be the emperor in the tomb nearby guarded by this army.

What were the motives behind the building of the Terracotta Army?

The terracotta army was buried with a Chinese emperor who thought that in some way this would give him an army in the afterlife.

What did Qin Shihuang do with the Terracotta Army?

He ordered to build the Terracotta Army as his tomb guard in accordance with the appearance of his elite soldiers.

When did the Terracotta Army take all of China?

It was not the Terracotta Army that Qin Shihuang used to take the whole country, but the soldiers who the Terracotta Army modelled after. Thus the unification of China by Qin Shihuang was happened in 221 BCE.

What did the soldiers where in the terracotta army?

what are you saying