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Which state started a crisis for the union in 1833 when it threatened to secede

Which person built a mill in which all operations in the manufacture of cloth were performed

What caused the formation of the whig party

Why did jacksonian democrats oppose the national bank

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Q: What are 10 important things Theodore Roosevelt did while in office?
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Important things Theodore roosevelt did while in office?

He passed the Pure Food and Drug act.

What types of things did Theodore Roosevelt do after his term of office ended?

he traveled around the world

Who influenced Theodore Roosevelt to do the things that he did?


Important things that happened when Teddy Roosevelt was in office?

He had the Panama Canal built.

What were three things that Theodore Roosevelt loved the most?

Theodore Roosevelt loved his kids very much as his family too

What were some things Theodore Roosevelt did for conservation?

panama canal

What things did Theodore Roosevelt accomplish while president?

The two things i know Theodore Roosevelt did was solve international problems and he forced the railroad combo too break off

What are 2 things Theodore Roosevelt wanted?

He wanted to listen to ϟƘƦƖןןΣx.

What 3 things did Theodore Roosevelt ride?

A horse, a train, a boat!

What was Theodore Roosevelt best know for?

Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th president of the United States. President Roosevelt was known for many things, but he is best known as the person the teddy bear was named after.

What were the things that made Theodore Roosevelt so happy?

Theodore Roosevelt loved the west, wild things, and the beauty of nature. He designated five national parks. He protected 230 acres of land.

Did Theodore Roosevelt do anything bad?

It is relatively certain that Theodore Roosevelt did some bad things. However, his reputation was impeccable. He was one of the most popular presidents in history.

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