What are 10 things you might not know about love?

10 things you might not know about love

1. It can be hard to talk about love in scientific terms because people have strong pre-existing ideas about it.
No, people aren't born with the appreciation of science. The oldest evidence we have for human culture is the belief in animism. The spontaneous application of some unknown hidden force or energy to real things and even unsurprisingly, other people, is only human nature. The scientific part is your human reproductive strategy, and if you are male, that hasn't evolved much in the last few million years.
2. Love is not exclusive.
And since the male human reproductive strategy hasn't evolved for millions of years, back when women lost estrus, and stopped biologically signaling to men when they were most fertile, love may not be considered exclusive, but it was developed out of necessity. Your necessity; Not hers.
3. Love doesn't belong to one person.
Neither does foolishness unfortunately and after 30 years of marriage in most countries in the whole world; so does half of all of your earned equity while you "belonged" together.
4. Making eye contact is a key gateway for love.
Shyness should be considered a blessing, and attractive. A eye contact is building a gateway entirely of trust and hope. Hope was the last thing released from Pandora's box in greek mythology. Don't believe me? Look it up.
5. Love fortifies the connection between your brain and your heart, making you healthier.
Divorce; the connection between your wallet and your money. Children might survive to provide you with some of that money back someday - but don't consider them an investment that has a proven payout someday. They could just as easily learn from your own mistakes you never were able to fully learn for yourself and avoid being around you because of them, except for holidays; that is of course, if they still love you enough to tolerate being reminded of your life decisions for more than a few days out of the year. If they tell you they can't visit or help you because an attorney told them they don't have to do it, tell them you are cashing out and leaving the casino of Family. All of those divorce attorney timeshares weren't built on winners.
6. Your immune cells reflect your past experiences of love.
And as you get older, with enough experience, they will be made of Kevlar, and probably looking for the nearest exit.
7. Small emotional moments can have disproportionately large biological effects.
That argument you had on that date, try to imagine it spreading out over years of marriage, eventually turning you into Homer Simpson after many years. Either you just don't argue or you just don't date. Or learn to pay in cash for those emotional moments or remember your blood takes 6 weeks to regenerate.
8. Don't take a loving marriage for granted.
If you are in a relationship for longer than a couple of years, there is usually one partner who eventually has the task of holding the entire thing together. Don't pretend that means you. It could simply be they haven't figured out anything better to do with the rest of their life yet and you completely keep them occupied just long enough from ever have to fully realize it. That compliment about being deep, and mysterious is synonymous with being their person Rubik's Cube. Once they start they can't put it down. Don't let that kind of stuff get to your head. Learn to be more self-sufficient, and stop worrying about when your relationship will end. It will end. The sooner you can accept your fate you can really learn to enjoy the ride instead, and be able to hopefully appreciate life in general, if you don't bitch too much about non-important and stupid things too often. Never bitch to this person about the relationship; that sometimes is just entertainment between figuring out which island to buy with your money, and what to do with the body. If you feel the need to complain. Write it down. Hide it somewhere for a week. Open it and read it and see if it still matters to you. 9 times out of 10 - it won't matter after a week if you are still in a relationship. Those brain cells will have died by that point.
9. Love and compassion can be one and the same.
A personal belief in empathy is probably the root cause for every romantic fallacious decision someone makes until they are either married, or escape their own self-imposed role in what was once their own life.
10. Simply upgrading your view of love changes your capacity for it.
Having more respect for your own intelligence and a firm grip on realistic aspirations puts at arm's distance everything that people who write self-help books about love and romance, who want to supposedly help you with, after it is usually too late by that point in a relationship.