What are 3 different genotypes?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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see your having 'trouble' with your homework.


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Q: What are 3 different genotypes?
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Can two horses have the same phenotype but different genotypes?


How cant two plants that have different genotypes have the same phenotype?

They cannot

What genotypes is heterozygous?

A heterozygous genotype, is the genetic makeup of different alleles.

How can you have the same phenotype but different genotype?

Different genotypes don't always change your phenotypes because of mutations

What might the phenotypes be of two organisms that were found to have different genotypes but the same phenotype?

Phenotypes refer to the visible traits (or characteristics). Genotypes are the underlying causes for those traits. There may be different genotypes that cause the same phenotype. If the observable traits from one individual are the same from another individual, one can say they have the same phenotypes.

What is it called when gametes randomly pair to produce different combinations?

sexual reproduction of genotypes

What can you conclude about the genotypes of the parent guinea pigs?

The side because they are the same. The top because they are different.

What is a useful device for predicting the possible offspring of crossed between different genotypes?

Punnet square

Two organism were found to have diffrent genotypes but the same genotypes predict what these genotypes might be?

sdswad cewsaqf c

How can two plants have different genotypes having the same phenotype?

The simplest way that two plants can have different genotypes, but the same phenotype, is if they both have a dominant allele for the same trait. For example, the genotypes Pp and PP, will both produce the phenotype created by P (for example, pink coloured petals). This is because P is dominant to p, and will always be expressed. Other ways that the same phenotype can be created from different genotypes are when the environment affects the traits, or when the trait is controlled by more than one gene.

What determines the genotypes of organism?

the genotypes of their parents

What information must you know to determine the phenotypes of different genotypes for a gene with two alleles?

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