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Mount Eden, Mt Cargill and Point View

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Q: What are 3 mountains formed by volcanic eruptions in New Zealand?
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Was Mt Shasta formed by volcanic eruptions?

Yes, it was formed by volcanic eruptions

How does the volcanic eruptions formed?

A volcanic eruption is formed from magma that is in the earth.

What three ways are mountains formed?

Mountains can form from volcanic eruptions, from folding, and from movement at faults. P.S Read a book for this information.

What force formed these volcanic mountains?

lava formed the volcanic mountains

What is an easy way to explain how mountains are formed?

An easy way to explain how mountains are formed is through geological activities. Most mountains are formed as a result of volcanic eruptions while others are formed through erosion and other activities.

How was Indonesia formed?

Indonesia was formed due to volcanic eruptions.

What are 3 mountains formed by volcanic eruptions?

Mr. Hood, Mr. Ranier, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Kilimanjaro

What formed the islands of Hawaii?

volcanic eruptions

What are the islands that are formed by volcanic eruptions?


How were the Caribbean Islands formed?

The islands were formed by volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

The Hawaiian Islands were formed as a result of?

Volcanic eruptions

How was sea of tranquility formed?

ancient volcanic eruptions

Where were the Hawaiian islands formed from?

volcanic eruptions and magma

What are to igneous rock and how are they formed?

igneous rocks are red and they are formed by volcanic eruptions

How volcanic eruptions can be be helpful?

Vocanoes can be helpful because the earth's first oceans and atmosphere were formed from the gases given off by volcanoes. Volcanoes have also shaped the earth's landscape, many of our mountains, islands, and plains have been built by volcanic eruptions.

How are young fold mountains formed?

The fold mountains that formed less than about 25 million years back are considered young . These regions may be prone to Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions because the crust of the Earth is unstable

How did the Hawaiian Island form?

The island was formed by volcanic eruptions.

How are deep-sea vents formed?

Volcanic eruptions

Rocks formed from the cooling lava of volcanic eruptions are?


How do volcanoes affect the world?

more then 80% of our surface, our sea floors and mountains, and after many volcanic eruptions in early history our atmosphere was formed from the gasses.

What two types of mountains are formed by volcanic activity?

Volcanic activity can form fold mountains or block mountains. Fold mountains are formed when tectonic plates collide. Block mountains are formed when fault block shifts.

What are volcanic mountains formed by?


Mountains formed from eruption of molten rock?

volcanic mountains

What formed islands of Hawaii millions of year ago?

Volcanic Eruptions.

How are most volcanic mountains formed?

Volcanic mountains are formed from layers of ash and/or lava flows piling up over many years.