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What are 3 properties of a gas?

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  • Rarefied
  • Amorphous, taking shape of the container
  • Lower Density than solid or liquid of the same compound.
  • Higher energy state than solid or liquid of the same material.
  • Either the same temperature as the corresponding solid or liquid if both are present, or a higher temperature if only the gas is present.
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Which gas has properties that are most similar to those of an ideal gas?

3. He

3 properties of mixture?

Solid, liquid and gas.

Give 3 examples of properties?

# solid,liquid and gas

What are 3 states of matter and properties?

Solid, liquid, and gas.

What are the 3 main properties of water?


What are the properties of natural gas?

what are the properties of natural gas

3 properties of oxygen?

gas at room temperature, odorless, colorless

What are 3 phyiscal properties of argon?

It is a colourless, odourless, dense gas.

What are the three phases of matter and their properties?

The 3 Phases of Matter are : -Liquid -Solid -Gas. * You can Google the phases or use for their properties (:

What are the 3 properties of matter?

The three propertise of matter are 1.solid 2.liquid 3.gas. This answer is correct.

What gas has the same properties as CO2?

No other gas has exactly the same properties as carbon dioxide.

What are the characteristics and properties of gas?

Properties of the gases: 1)physical properties 2)chemical properties

What are the 3 properties of a fluid?

1:Absolute Viscosity. 2:Temperature And Thermodynamic Variables. 3:Pressure And Perfect Gas.

Can a noble gas be malleable or ductile?

No, a noble gas cannot be malleable or ductile. These properties are properties of metals. Since noble gases are nonmetals, they will not have these properties.

What the properties of a gas?

a gas has no definite shape or volume

What are some physical properties for krypton?

Krypton is a colourless, odourless, inert gas with no chemical properties. It is a noble gas.

What are the 3 properties nitrogen belongs to?

Nitrogen is: - gas at room temperature - natural element - non toxic

What are the properties?

THE three properties are solids,liquids and gases, The liquid has no shape but has a volume The solid has a shape and a volume THe gas have no shape or volume

What is a base gas?

A base gas is a gas similar to ammonia which has basic properties.

What are the chemical properties of hydrogen gas?

Hydrogen gas is flammable.

What are two basic properties of the gas phase?

Two basic properties of the gas phase:Indefinite shapeIndefinite volume

List the three properties of a gas?

Gas properties 1- easy to expand in any container , can take any shape or form. 2- much weaker than liquid or solid particles. 3- molecules in a gas are spread further apart from each other and space out. 4- gas has no definite shape or volume.

What are the 3 properties of carbon?

what are the 3 properties of carbon?

What are the chemical properties of oxygen gas?

There are a few chemical properties of oxygen gas. Oxygen gas is not dense, reacts readily with many other elements, and is completely odorless.

How do the properties of a gas differ from the properties of a liquid or solid?

they differ from their molecules when gas molecules have lots of energy ,liquid has less energy, and gas has the smallest amount of energy.

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