What are 5 What are facts about Belize?

Belize is found in Central America but still part of the Caribbean.

It recently received its independence from Great Brittan on Sept. 21 1981

Belize is a melting pot of many ethnicity and people - Creoles, Mestizo (commonly called Spanish), Garinagu, Ketch Mayan, Yucatan Mayan, Chines, Taiwanese, Indian and others.

Belize's capital used to be ''Belize City'' but then there was a hurricane that ran right through Belize City (and other places) and destroyed everything (1961). Now the capital of Belize is ''Belmopan''.

Their Agriculture Products in Belize are mainly: Bananas, Coca, Citrus, Sugar, Fish, Cultured Shrimp, and Lumber.