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What are 5 space spinoffs?

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March 11, 2013 8:41PM

There are more space technology spinoffs than people realize, and though most are used in Engineering, Industrial, and Scientific applications, but a few consumer applications that are more well known are:

Lithium Ion Batteries - not originally developed for NASA, but NASA funded further development to power the HST / ISS Pistol Grip Tool. The technology has found its way into the global marketplace.

Solid State Devices (SSD) - SSD technology was developed for the Hubble program. The original recording device on Hubble actually had magnetic recording tapes; the Solid State Recorder, developed in the early 90's and deployed on HST on the 1st Servicing/Repair mission, replaced the old recorder and is the foreunner of SSD devices. SSD technology is widely used today in Flash drives, SSD disk drives, etc.

Tempurpedic Foam (Memory Foam) - The Tempurpedic company is the only one that used NASA's technology for memory foam, using the patented NASA technology through NASA's partnership program. The material was specifically designed for use on Astronaut seats in the Shuttle.

Imaging Technology - CMOS sensor technology, widely used in digital cameras, medical scanners, and many other applications, was further developed for use on the Hubble Telescope. Imaging technology continues to advance as a result.

MARCbot - The MARCbot, currently used by thousands of soldiers in Iraq to locate IED's, was significantly upgraded by NASA engineers, improving its capability, mobility, and cost per unit.

You can view many of the hundreds of spinoffs at NASA's Spinoff site - the link is below.