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Q: What space technology spinoffs might used in a school?
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What are examples of space technology spinoffs?


What space-technology spin-offs might be used in a school?


Why do they fund NASA's spinoffs?

They don't. NASA invents them for space. We do not fund spinoffs

What are four examples of space spinoffs?

The star mapping technology (telescope) is now used to detect breast cancer and early staged tumours.

What are three examples of medical spinoffs from the space program?


What space technology spin-off might be used at school?

spaggetti and candy can be a spin-off that can be used in school. and yes i am a baddass for helping you with your homework... your welcome XD

Do we have the technology to travel to space?

Yes, we do have technology to travel to space.

What are five spinoffs from space exploration?

bar codes, pacemakers, TV satellite, Black and Decker cordless products, ski boots, and toothpaste

When was Institute of Space Technology created?

Institute of Space Technology was created in 2002.

How might space technology have affected the way humans think about everyday life?

first of all we all agree that technology play an important role technology is consider one of the most important kind of technology in our life.

What was the space races effect on todays modern space technology?

it set the foundation for all of todays technology in space

When was the first piece of technology sent to space?

The first technology launched in the space was the Soviet Union's Sputnik I. The space technology was launched on October 4, 1957.