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vaginal, oral, or anal sex, birth, needles, or breastfeeding.

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Q: What are 5 ways viruses can be transmitted?
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How are computer viruses transmitted?

Computer viruses are transmitted from one computer to another in various ways that include being attached or sent in an email. They can be downloaded from the Internet or come from removable media.

How are viruses transmitted?

viruses can be transmitted by person to individual bodily fluids like HIV.

How can viruses be transmitted?

Viruses such as colds and influenza can be transmitted several ways, which include inhaling mucus in the air from infected persons coughing or sneezing, by touching the same objects as someone with the virus, or from an infecteed person breathing on a person.

How are virus's transmitted?

viruses can be transmitted a number of ways. coughing, sneezing,kissing...etc. Any oral contact or physical contact can spread a good number of viruses from one person to another. Some can even be transmitted just by breathing the same air as another person with this virus.

How can be transmitted the fever?

The fever is transmitted through viruses by the insects (vectors) or air and water etc.

How computer viruses are transmitted?

through email attachments

Name two human disease caused by RNA viruses and DNA viruses and how are they transmitted?


Do animals get viruses?

Yes, animals get viruses just like humans does it is a pathogenic disease that is transmitted by a molecule

Viruses can be transmitted to humans through insect bites?


Can viruses be transmitted to humans through a bug bite?


List 2 ways that HIV can be transmitted and 2 ways it can't?

HIV can be transmitted by blood and breast milk. HIV can't be transmitted by sweat and saliva.

What are some ways that viruses can be spread?

2 ways: Viruses and diseases could spread by touch or airborne.

What are four ways in which HIV can be transmitted?

Here are 3 ways HIV can be transmittedSexual IntercourseBlood transferingMother to daughter

What medical term is a virus transmitted by the fecal oral route?

Enteric viruses.

How can a computer virus pass from one computer to another?

Viruses can be transmitted from one computer to another in a variety of ways. The most common way is for you to unknowingly download a virus from a computer on the internet. Viruses can be disguised as useful programs or may exploit a security vulnerability in one of your programs in order to gain control of your system. Viruses can also be transmitted via email attachments, or can infect files on your system that you may transfer to another computer later.

How are viruses transmitted to a computer?

Virus can be transmitted via Internet,emails,download,disk,network,CD ROM/DVDs,infected webpage or from memory sticks.

How is Klebsiella pneumoniae transmitted?

Klebsiella pneumoniae is transmitted in a variety of ways. It can be transmitted by direct physical contact, transmission, as well as through the air, too.

How is dengue fever contracted?

Dengue fever is a disease caused by a family of viruses that are transmitted by mosquitoes.

Can viruses can be transmitted to humans through insect bites?

Yes they can, the West Nile Virus is an example

Can hemophilia be transmitted and what are the ways of transsmition?

Really? Really?

Ways you cant get gonorrhea?

Gonorrhea is not transmitted airborne.

What are three ways HIV cannot be transmitted?


What are some ways viruses are helpful?

they can kill you

What are three ways viruses are classified?


What ways do viruses cause diseases?