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Q: What are America's constitutional freedoms?
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What do the Bill of Rights describe?

ten Constitutional amendments specifying freedoms.

What is constitutional values?

dignity, freedoms, rights, equity, rule of law

What is the name of the law that introduced Canada to the charter of rights and freedoms?

constitutional monarchy :)

When was Americas first constitutional ratified?


The Constitutional Amendment giving the states freedoms and control?

The Tenth Amendment gives the states freedoms and control

Why should are rights and freedoms be protected?

All constitutional freedoms should be protected.

What are the result of positive acts of government that try to extend constitutional freedoms to all people?

Civil Rights

What was the effect of the clear and present danger ruling established in schenck vs us 1919?

placing limits on constitutional freedoms -Dave

When are constitutional freedoms not absolute?

The freedom of speech is not absolute. You can say almost anything you want, but you can't intentionally incite violence or overthrow of the government.

What has the author Graham I Howard written?

Graham I. Howard has written: 'A guide to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms' -- subject(s): Canada, Constitutional law

What types of freedoms do people in Cambodia have?

The government is a elective constitutional monarchy. This means there is a prime minister and a monarchy at the head of state. Yet, the country has been rated as an authoritarian country. In 1997 coup overturned the government and analysts say the rule of law and freedoms have not taken hold. So, to answer this question I would say there are no freedoms at this time.

The government of Morocco is a?

Morocco has a Unitary parliamentary constitutional hereditary monarchy. Their current king is Mohammed VI and their current prime minister is Abdelilah Benkirane.However, most power is concentrated in the monarch, not the parliament.Morrocco is a constitutional monarchy where the King has no real political power BUT the current government allows limited democracy, with limits on freedoms.