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Astride jumps are where you have one foot either side of a bench and jump onto the bench pulling your feet together. You jump back down again and repeat the process.

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The people sit astride on the horse.

An antonym for astride are: astraddle athwart on the back of piggyback sitting on straddling

"Astride" means your location while riding somethings, especially something that your legs go down each side of. Example, "I saw Jenny astride her new pony!"

It wasn't typical at the time. If they did, it was probably in secret. It was considered scandalous for ladies to ride astride back then.

my friend jumps up and down.

*Why are jumps called jumps?In order to clear an "obstacle" of any sort, a horse must jump over it. Therefore these "obstacles" became known as jumps.

Chimera was killed by Bellerophon, astride Pegasus,

The three thigh muscles that help you you keep astride when riding a horse are the thigh adductor muscles; magnus, longus, and brevis.

Wood and plastic are the usual materials to manufacture horse jumps. Plastic jumps are more durable than wood jumps and can stand more impacts than wood jumps.

Jumps like a kangaroo ?

The majority of Spain sits astride the Iberian Peninsula.

Jack jumps over the candlestick

The word jumps has one syllable.

Jumps is a verb. It describes an action.

I'm not positive, but I believe that the record of jumps in one minute is 61 jumps.

Who ever legally jumps the furthest wins the long jump. Unusal but if it is a tie with the best jumps after 6 jumps, then the second best jumps will be the decider for medals.

Many did, and many rode side saddle.

Rome sits astride the River Tiber.

Oh, let's see. This is a stretch: A-mount, as in He is a-mount. He is astride his horse.

Before the advent of women's liberation and such it was not considered proper for ladies to wears mens pants or to ride astride so ladies rode sidesaddle. They could still do the nessesary things on horseback but they did not sit astride.

it jumps and crawls, obviously!it jumps and crawls, obviously!

the flea beetle is a small beetle that jumps when annoyed

Star jumps is considered cardio

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