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technically 7 inch and up would be best

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What do blue gill eat?

Blue gills eat salmon eggs.

What color is Illinois fish?

blue it is blue because its name is blue gill .......awsome

Can bluegill live with goldfish?

No,don't keep a gold fish with a blue gill because the blue gill may harm or kill your gold fish.....:)

The first fishes were this type of fish?

Blue gill

What organism has many fins?

I think it is a blue gill.

Is a blue gill fish the same as a brim or bream?

No it is not.

What is the scientific name for a blue gill?

Lepomis macrochirus

What is a type of fish that starts with an I?

iswashin blue gill

What are the fishes in blue water lake?

usually Lahontan cutthroats, carps, blue gill

What eats blue gill fish?

what eats bluegill fish?

Is a blue gill a sunny?

Yes, if by sunny you mean sunfish.

Are female blue gill more aggressive then male?

No, there is no difference.

What is the scientific name for blue gill fish?

Lepomis macrochirus

How do you marry gill on harvest moon tree of tranquility?

You must complete the marriage requirments. Which are: -Have at least 8 hearts with Gill -Complete all his Heart Events -Get the Blue Feather Once you've done that you can propose by giving Gill the Blue Feather on a sunny day.

What organism has many fins and eats plants and insects?

A blue gill.

How much does the Blue Gill weight?

Depends on bow much it eats

What phylum is a pumpkinseed fish in?

Sunfish,bass,crappy,blue gill...

What kind of fish is a blue gill?

Bluegills are members of the sunfish family.

What is in a great blue herons ecosystem?

Cat tails, blue gill fish, lady great blue herons and stuff like that

Every time i give gill the blue feather he says ohh... a blue feather.What do i have to do in order for gill to marry me?

1. have you found his diary yet? You have to have found it. I didn't find it, got the blue feather, and he did the same thing until I got it for him.

Who sang Blue Moon of Kentucky on the King of the Hill episode?

Vince Gill

Are blue gill fish warm blooded?

All fish are cold blooded.

What does a baby blue gill fish look like?

Baby blue gill look a lot like silver tadpoles from a distance, but up close, they look like tiny fish. you can also see a little blue color near the base of the tail. They are about an inch long or less.

What is another name for the small sunfish found in central North America?

Blue gill

Are grub worms good for fishing?

yes. catfish will eat them and blue gill love them.

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