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According to George Bernard Shaw there are 13 spellings for the 'sh' sound.














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Q: What are Different ways to spell sh sound?
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What are the different ways to spell sh?

shh and sh are the two i know

How do you spell Shayla in Spanish?

As there is no "sh" sound in Spanish, you would pronounce it Chay-la and write it as Chela.

What are some countries that begin with the sound 'sh'?

No country begins with the sound 'sh'

How do you spell chandra in Hebrew?

It depends on how you pronounce it in English. If it starts with an SH sound, then it is שאנדרה If it starts with a CH sound (as in chew), it is צ׳אנדרה

What is the special sound in she?

The special sound in she is SH.........

How do you spell Ashley in different languages?

Ashley - English اشلي Arabic/Farsi et cetera ΑΣΛΗ ασλη - Greek this will be a little off as there is no sh sound in Greek so it says Asley แอชลี่ย์ - Thai, the end phoneme isn't pronounced

How do you spell krissy in Japanese?

クリッシー /ku ri-sshii/ is the Japanese spelling of that name. The last syllable sshii includes gemination on 'sh' and elongated 'shii' vowel sound.

How do you pronounce slainthe?

Slant-sh (like slant with the additional "sh" sound)

When does the ci sound like a sh?

Ci sounds like sh when followed by "on".

How many phonemes in the word shirt?

Three. The "sh" at the beginning, the "t" at the end, and the vowel sound in the middle.

What is the same sound as sh?


How does Mr Pumblechook's breakfast contrast with the one he gives Pip?

Mr. Pumblechook's breakfast contrasts in several different ways. He feeds sh*t to pip because he eats sh*t.

Which sound is part of the English sound system but not a part of the Spanish sound system?


What sound does the ti in auction make?


Can someone name eight sets of letter groups that make the sh sound?

I can name two: In Malay (not the very similar Indonesian) the "sh" sound is now denoted by "sy" as in "syaitan"= shaitain= Satan. In Old English "sc" denoted the "sh" sound, eg scip= ship. "sch" can sometimes be pronounced as "sh", as in British pronunciation of schedule.

How does ghoti spell fish?

These are letters that make different letter sounds in other words.GH - has the F sound in rough and toughO = has the I sound as in womenTI = has the SH sound as in action and emotionAll together they make the word sound FISH.

How many phonemes are in the word shine?

There are three phonemes in the word 'shine': sh / i / ne.The e at the end has no sound of its own.

In what ways is a hawker different from a shop owner?

Hawker don't give a sh*t shop keepers pretend to give a cr*p

Words that have cial but sound sh?

Special Facial Racial

What are some sc words that make the sh sound?


Word where 's' is like the 'sh' sound?

"Sugar", "sure".

Words with si but sound like 'sh'?

all i can think of is session and depression

What sound does the letter x make?

It can make the k sound, and sometimes the sh sounds depending on the word.

How do you say K in norwegian?

Normally like c in "cat", but in some words, like "kino" (cinema) and "kilo", it is pronounced like the kj sound, as in "kjole" (dress). The kj sound sounds like a sh sound to most foreigners, but it's different.

How many phonemes are in the word she?

Two phonemes: the "sh" and the "e". "Sh" is just one sound, despite being spelled with two letters.