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What are Evolutionary trends in angiospermic plants?

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All plants have fruits?

Only Angiospermic plants have fruits

Does plants have vessels?

Most angiospermic plants have vessels in their xylem

What is a type of plant that has flowers?

Angiospermic plants have flowers

Do plants have a tubes?

Yes angiospermic plants have sieve tubes in their conducting tissues.

Does vascular plants have vessels?

Most angiospermic vascular plants have true vessels

What are the disadvantages of angiosperm plants?

Angiospermic plants are dominating the present day flora globally. These are highly evolved plants in the plant kingdom. However, many angiospermic plants produce enormous ammount of pollen grains to ensure cross pollination.

How do animals and angiosperms depend on each other?

The herbevour animals eat leaves of angiospermic plant as their food and angiospermic plants get manure from the excretion of these animals.

What is a dicot?

Dicot is the catagory of angiospermic plants having two cotyledones in their seeds.

Where are the tubes of a plant found in a plant?

Sieve tubes are found in the phloem of Angiospermic plants.

Large scale evolutionary trends are the result of?


What type of plants produce flowers ans have vascular tissue?

All angiospermic plants produce flowers and have vascular tissue.

Large-scale evolutionary trends are the result of?

macroevolution .........novanet

How does Evolutionary Trends affect Natural Selection?

Adaptation for stronger shells.

What are some angiosperm products?

Grains, pulses, cotton, vegetable oils etc. are all products of angiospermic plants

How do angiosperms obtain their food?

Angiospermic plants obtain water and minerals through roots and prepare food by photosynthesis.

Why the cells of tapetum in angiospermic plants are multinucleated?

because the cells of tapetum undergo meiosis due to which it it becomes multinucleated.

What is Evolutionary Trends Species Sorting?

Direct Development vs Indirect Development.

What is a Evolutionary Trends?

Evolutionary trends are either progressive or retrogressive. During progressive evolution new structures are created whereas in retrogressive evolution the existing structures are reduced or eliminated.

What are the major evolutionary trends that developed among major vertebrate groups specifically those that allowed for the transition from aquatic to terrestrial life?

Tooth reduction is one of the major evolutionary trends that developed among major vertebrate groups that allowed for the transition from aquatic to terrestrial life. Evolution of limbs and being able to breath air are other evolutionary trends that took place.

A flowering plant that produces seeds enclosed in a protective structure?

Angiospermic plants produce seeds enclosed by ovary wall.

What is the natural system of classification?

a natural system of classification is that system of classification in which the organism is classified on the basis of their vegitative characters which are permanent and do not change with the envoirment this system of classification avoids the grouping of hetereogeneous and un related groups of organisms according to this sytem plants are classified on the basis of evolutionary trends while as animals are classified on basis of both evolutionary and phylogenetic trends........junaid

What information can be obtained from a cladogram?

evolutionary trends of organisms over time. rather than classifying organisms based physical appearance, they can be classified according to evolutionary trends compared to other organisms through phylogeny (using cladograms).

How does Evolutionary Trends affect Irreversibility?

Air-breathing animals do not return to breathing water.

What is secular childhood?

Secular trends in new childhood epidemics, insights from evolutionary medicine.

What is the evolutionary history of plants based on?

plants evolved from bacteria