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What are Howrse achievement level 4 tasks?


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July 14, 2009 4:09AM

Level 4 Achievements:

You can win up to 3 aging points, 700e, 1 Piece of Cloud, 7 turnips, and 5 apples

Obtain 100% in 2 training categories with a horse that you bred=1 aging point

Participate in 30 Competitions=1 aging point

Finish 5 times in 4th place or better in a competition=500e

Breed and own a horse that is at least 8 years old=1 Piece of Cloud

Repair a bridle=100e

Repair a saddle=100e

Buy a duster at the store=2 turnips

Wipe your tack with the duster=5 apples

Third riding level=1 aging point

First sponsored player=5 turnips

When fully completed you also get 1 golden apple, 5 aging points and 3000e