What are IT Expenses?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Information technology expenses including hardware (amortized), software, wages, salary, benefits and pro rata of overhead costs like rent, utilities and miscellaneous costs like going to conventions, training and so forth.

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Q: What are IT Expenses?
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What are the two types of expenses?

fixed expenses and variable expenses

What are non factory expenses?

general and administrative expenses marketing expenses

What is irregular expenses?

the expenses which will be not regular like penalty, miscellaneous expenses

What are the expenses of being a lawyer?

There are many expenses of being a lawyer. These can be monetary expenses as well as emotional expenses of the profession.

Petty cash account details?

when we use laundry and cleaning expenses,meals and entertainment expenses,office expenses,pantry items expenses,travelling expenses etc.. what are the expenses will come each cotogories

How are variable expenses different from fixed expenses?

Variable expenses are those expenses which vary according to production level while fixed expenses are those expenses which have no effect of production level and remain same.

What is Promotion expenses is it an expense or current liability?

it is Administative Expenses And Indirect Expenses

What is unrecoverable expenses?

Unrecoverable expenses are out of pocket expenses that you cannot obtain reimbursement on

Is preliminary expenses is a administrative expenses or selling expenses?

Preliminary expenses are neither administrative expenses nor selling expenses rather these are classified as other assets in balance sheet and amortized over period of life of business.

What are statutory expenses?

statutory expenses

What is the definition of estimated expenses?

estimated expenses are expenses that are not actual or real. it may be more than or less than the ctual expenses

What does indirect expenses mean?

Indirect Expenses are those expenses which are incurred after the manufacturing process is over, e.g. selling and distribution expenses, all the administrative expenses, carraige outward, advertisement expenses because they are related indirectlt with the product manufacturing and sales.