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What are Kharif crops?

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"Kharif" means "autumn" in Arabic. Kharif crops are those harvested in the fall.

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What are the problems of kharif crops?

The problem of kharif crops is that it s production is less and farmers earn less. This is the basic problem of kharif crops The problem of kharif crops is that it s production is less and farmers earn less. This is the basic problem of kharif crops

What are the examples of kharif crops?

Cotton is also an example for kharif crops.

Which crops are kharif crops?

Kharif crops are monsoon or rainy season crops. examples of kharif crops are: Rice, Maize, Groundnut, Soyabean, Green gram, Black gram, cotton.

What is meant by kharif crops and rabi crops?

crops that are grown in summer season are known as kharif crops and crops grown in winter are called rabi crops

What are khariff crops?

Kharif crops are crops that are harvested in the fall in India and Pakistan. The word "Kharif" is Arabic for "autumn." The most widely harvested Kharif crops are rice, maize, and sugarcane, among others.

is rajma a kharif or rabi crops?

Rajma is a Kharif crop.

Is rice rabi or kharif crops?

Rice is a Kharif crop.

What are all the examples of kharif crops?

what are kharif cereals and rabi cereals

What are crops grown in rainy season?

Kharif crops

What are the kind of crops that can be grown in delhi?

kharif and rabi crops

Is papaya a kharif crop?

Kharif crops or monsoon crops are domesticated plants cultivated and harvested during the rainy season in South Asia (April through October). The main kharif crops are millet and rice. Papaya is a tropical fruit, but is not considered a kharif crop, especially since it originated in southern Mexico and Central America.

Examples of kharif crops?

rice beans etc.

Different types of Indian crops?

Rabi & kharif

Is bajra a rabi or kharif crop?

Rabi crops

Are oil seeds kharif or rabi?

they are mainly kharif crops. India is the largest producer of oil seeds in the world

In Which of the following categories of crops are Rice and Bajra included?


Which of the categories of crops are rice and bajra included?

It is kharif crop.

Is mustard a rabi crop or kharif crops?

rabi crop

What do mean by kharif crops?

In the Indian Subcontinent, kharif crops are those which are sown in summer (i.e. monsoon season) and harvested in winter.For more info, visit the related link below.

Difference between rabi and kharif crops?

Difference Between Kharif And Rabi Crops. kharif crops are grown in rainy season from the month of june to october for eg.-paddy ,soyabean, pigeon ,pea ,maize ,cotton ,green gram , and black gram and Rabi crops are grown in winter season from november to april for eg.-wheat ,gram ,peas ,mustard ,linseed

What are two kinds of crops grown in farms?

Rabi crops and Kharif crops. Kharif crops are grown from June to October. Rabi crops are grown from November to April. There are more possibilities than those just stated above. The other possibilities you may be referring to are: 1. Grain and legume/oilseed crops 2. Conventional and organic crops 3. Cash crops and feed crops

What are the different types of seasons in agriculture?

kharif, rabi and zaid crops

What crops are grown in kharif season?

crops grown in kharifseason are :1) wheat2) paddy3) moong4) groundnut5)cotton6) soyabean7)sugarcane8) turmeric

In what season do farmers plant their seeds?

During rabi and Kharif seasons/ Spring (for summer crops) and Autum (for winter crops)

Why are kharif crops more susceptible to infestation than rabi crops?

Kharif season crops are also called as rainy season crops so in rainy season the climatic conditions are very favorable for the pests and worms for their multiplication and growth also whereas in Rabi season the climatic conditions are harsh and are not favorable for them .