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While performing Hajj or Umra, men put on two untailored sheets of white cloth. Women hajis may wear any dress but they should not cover their faces. After performing Hajj or Umra, men can also wear everyday/normal dress.

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Muslims wearr ahram during offering hajj

During pilgrimage (or Hajj)

They wear as they wear anywhere else except if they are om hajj (or pilgrimage) then they wear what is required during hajj. See question below.

When muslims dress for the Hajj, they wear white clothing for 5 days.

When Muslims go on the blessed pillgramige to Hajj they wear plain white clothes to represent to Allah we are all the same.

There is no special clothing for Muslims in Mecca (or Makkah).They wear in Mecca the same clothing that is required, per religion, to wear else where except if they are on hajj (or Omra-or minor hajj) then they wear what is required to wear during hajj. refer to the related two questions below for more information on these two cases.

no they are allowed to wear jewellery but they are not allowed to wear tight clothes.

It has been ordained by Almighty Allah.It shows the equality of the Muslims. It also reminds them how they will be dressed and buried after they die.

That is not true. There is nothing that may prevent Muslims from doing so. However, Muslims never wear underwear on Hajj as that is one of the rules/ traditions. It is the same in Pakistan and many hot countries where it is more healthy not to wear, and I prefer not to. But no religious reason except for Hajj.

They wear simple white clothing for five days.

Jesus?? Answer 2: Any body can wear white clothes. The Muslims wear two un-tailored white sheets during Umrah and Hajj.

The name of the white cloths that Muslims wear is called Iran. Which is a piece of white cloths that men wear, and the ladies wear black or white.

Wear a Tamattu and obseve the tour :)

Only Muslim women are allowed to wear gold. It is forbidden for Muslim men to wear gold.

This often happens when Muslims go to hajj. Please see the Related Question: Why do Muslims wear white to Hajj?The white robe or thawb (ثوب‎) -- also called deshdaasha (دشداشة) -- is a common male garment in the Arabian Peninsula, but it is a custom of local dress. Muslims outside of Arabia (like Indo-Pak Muslims or Indonesian Muslims) generally do not wear thawb.

Men wear two pieces of white cloth, called the Ihram. Women can wear anything within the boundaries of what is mentioned in the Quran.

Women wear Hijab at Hajj.

they are only aloud to show there faces to there other half and there family

Men can not wear any cloth that has been sewn so they just wear a white cloth. Women can wear whatvever but has to fully covering the body. Also women wear a hijab(scarf) to make sure that not even one strand of hair leaks out.

Muslims are forbidden to eat the intoxicants extracted from poppies or similar plants. I don't how they may wear it. Anyhow it is recommended not to deal with poppies in any form.

Not necessarily. It is neither required nor forbidden per Islam religion.

Special hajj dress is called Ahram .It consists of 2 simple sheets of cloth .

Eating pork is forbidden by Almighty Allah. Wearing of gold by men has been forbidden by the holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Muslim women can wear gold.

Baju Kurung,Jubbah is what we wear during Hari Raya

they were white clothes because they think its clean energy, but the energy depends on what the persons feeling like.

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