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Are children allowed to go Hajj?

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Although Hajj is not compulsory on children but they are allowed to go for Hajj.

Hajj is compulsory, for once in life, on the adult mindful Muslim (male or female) who can afford doing it fimancially, physically, and securely.

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What is a muslim not allowed to take on the Hajj?

every thing is allowed during hajj but your living style should be safe for all

How old do children have to be to go to hajj?

Hajj is not obligatory on children. If some child performs Hajj during childhood, it does not free him from obligation. Only adults are bound to perform Hajj. Children of any age may accompany their parents, rather it looks very impressing and inspiring to see innocent children dressed in Ahraam, sometimes sitting on te shoulders of their fathers going round the holy Ka'abah.

Are unmarried Muslims allowed to perform Hajj?

Yes, unmarried Muslims are allowed to perform Hajj if they are adult, healthy (in mind and body), have enough money to cover Hajj expenses, and can travel peacefully and securely.

Where do Muslims go to when they go to hajj?

They Muslims to go the city of Mecca to perform Hajj. But they must go to Mina and Arafat to complete the rituals of Hajj.

Can children complete Hajj?

Yes, children can complete Hajj voluntarily and if they can afford it. However, he is obliged to perform Hajj when he becomes adult if he can afford it from the financial, health, and security aspects.

Why do pilgrims go to hajj?

Hajj can only be performed at Mecca. All the pilgrim have to go to Mecca to perform Hajj.

Who is not allowed to attend hajj?

Non-Muslims and lunatics.

What is allowed to do with the Ihram after the Haj?

You may save it for next hajj or Umrah. You may save it to be used as your coffin. You may make dress of your children or your ownself.

Is it possible to give the poor the amount of money for hajj instead of going to hajj?

Yes in this case you will get double benefitshia:No. if Hajj is Vajib it is not allowed. but if Hajj is Mustahab for you, it depends on you. you can chose._____________________________________It may be possible but only if you made hajj already for one time at least.shia:my dear, if you don't know the answer properly so never misguide others. the answer is what I said. for sure."No. if Hajj is Vajib it is not allowed. but if Hajj is Mustahab for you, it depends on you. you can chose."

What will you hear if you go to hajj?

what will i see and hear on the hajj

How do you use the word hajj in a sentence?

I am going to Hajj. I will go to Hajj next year. My aunt is back from Hajj. Performing Hajj is a good deed.

Why are Muslims only allowed to go on the Hajj?

Anyone can go on the Hajj following all terms and condition applies as well as how to dress but hundreds of years before this was mainy meant for Muslim as it was written in Qur'an- The Holy Book For Muslims and The Word Of Allah.

Who is required to go to hajj?

A person that is required to go to hajj is a person that understands what hajj is and what is its purpose, along with that, he/she needs to have to money and health to attend hajj. Obviously, Hajj is mandatory for Muslim Adults that have the money and health and strength to.

Where will they go in hajj?

Hajj happens in Mecca. The Holy Kaa'ba is there.

Why aren't Muslims allowed to wear jewlerry on hajj?

to show that they have left all worldly pleasures or can for go all worldy pleasures

When do Muslims go to hajj?

in the month of hajj usually around January...you will see millions of Muslims go for hajj every day!!! i went to hajj a few years ago...=D

Can women cover face in hajj?

women are not allowed to cover their face, feet, & hands (hands not arms) in hajj or salah.

What time in the year would you go to Mecca to perform Hajj?

At Hajj season when Hajj is preformed many people go to worship Allah (G_d) and pray in front of Masjid al-Haram. But, people that celebrate Hajj has to go to Mecca to perform Hajj once in a lifetime

What do non Muslims do in hajj?

Non Muslims don't go on Hajj.

How could people go to hajj even if they could not go?

Hajj can only be performed at Mecca during the month of Zil Hajj, between 8th and 13th. (th is the chief ritual. If somebody can't go to Mecca, Hajj is not obligatory to him

Why is hajj a pilgramige?

hajj is a pilgrimage for a Muslim because they believe that it takes away sins and a place just all day worshiping god. they go to hajj only if they think that they are the chosen one to go for a hajj pilgrimage and worship god in hajj.

How many people make Umrah a year?

lot's. but you are only allowed to go during certain times of the year, as sometimes they are preparing for Hajj

Are children allowed to go to casinos in Las Vegas?

They are allowed to walk through the casino but not allowed to linger on the gaming floor.

Why did Mansa Musa go on hajj?

Hajj is obligatory on each Muslim man and woman. He went to perform Hajj.

Would go on hajj with your whole family?

Yes. You may go to perform Hajj with your whole family.

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