What are Nigeria famous for?

Nigeria is the most populous nation in Africa (131,859,731 people) . One out of every six people living on the African continent is Nigerian!

It has been known for its corruption, but President Obasanjo has worked hard to put an end to that.

It's known for it's oil. Nigeria is a member of OPEC.

The author Chinua Achebe (wrote "Things Fall Apart" among others) is a famous Nigerian.

It's the place of the first University in the world "Timbuktu".

It makes very good Coffee.

Unfortunately Nigeria has received quite a bit of bad press - they're known for spam (millions of emails sent out asking for bank information), they are known for the oil problems and the hostages, and they're known for the deep seeds of corruption. That being said, I spent 8 weeks in Lagos and would say that some of the stereotypes are earned, but overall, the working Nigerians should be known for their work ethics, ability to overcome and the direct sales (you can buy anything from your car).