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Q: What are OSHA regulations on buildings near jet fuel depots?
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What didn't Japan destroy at pearl harbor?

Subs, Fuel depots, and repair facilities.

What is the required distance away from a building for a 10000 gallon diesel fuel tank?

Every city has specific codes and regulations regarding the distance between buildings and fuel tanks. For a 10,000 gallon tank, it should be kept at least 30 feet from all buildings.

Why should the operator be concerned with meeting emission regulations?

If the operator is not concerned with emission regulations he or she may be faced with steep fines. Also an engine that is not within regulations often is not running efficently. This may cause an excessive increase in fuel consumption. If the operator is not concerned with emission regulations he or she may be faced with steep fines. Also an engine that is not within regulations often is not running efficently. This may cause an excessive increase in fuel consumption.

Why was the crash of the twin tower?

When the Twin Towers were hit by the passenger planes, a full tank of airline fuel was on board. The impact ignited the fuel and the temperatures within the burning buildings were estimated around 2000 degrees. This caused the supports to lose integrity and the buildings collapsed.

What did the enemies do to try to stop supplies for the other side?

Sinking supply ships.Blockading harbours.Destroying roads and rails, bridges, depots and stations.Sabotaging or bombing fuel dumps.Destroying crops and stored food supplies - the "scorched earth" policy.

What are the release dates for How Do They Do It - 2006 Create Artificial Reefs Earthquake Proof Buildings Run Car on Rocket Fuel 6-1?

How Do They Do It - 2006 Create Artificial Reefs Earthquake Proof Buildings Run Car on Rocket Fuel 6-1 was released on: USA: 10 August 2009

What kind of bombs were planted in the WTC?

There were no bombs in either of the WTC buildings. Thousands of people watched two very large, very heavy airplanes loaded with thousands of gallons of jet fuel fly into the buildings.

What variables affect power?

1. fuel 2. power plants 3. transmission and distribution lines 4. weather conditions 5.regulations

What cause of deforestation?

1, procuring land for cultivation 2, buildings, houses and factories 3, making furniture or using wood as fuel.

What does CHeSS mean in the plumbing industry?

environmental awarerness regarding environmental regulations hot water systems central heating systems environmental friendliness systems now need to comply with above regulations, ie conservation of heat and fuel, adequate insulation, and correct disposal of waste

What did Captain Scott take on his journey to the South Pole?

Captain Scott and his team took supplies on their sledges, including tents, deer-skin sleeping bags, cooking equipment, fuel, foodstuffs and other equipment. As well, there were depots en route with which they could replenish their supplies.

Where can you get the HMdive in Pokemon emerald?

You can get it at Steven's house in mossdeep which is 2 buildings west of the gym after you stop team magma from getting the rocket fuel in the space center.

What are the advantages of sailing?

After initial outlay cost it is cheap to sail. No additional fuel costs except for manoeuvring fuel. Excitement and freedom. The rules and regulations are comparatively easy to learn and based on common sense. Can be done alone or with a crew. Great for character improvement.

Where can I purchase fuel for my gas powered radio-controlled plane?

You can purchase fuel for your gas powered radio-controlled plane at any Hobby Shop or you can purchase it at any local RC shop in your local area. You can not purchase on the internet due to shipping regulations.

What are trees used to make?

Among other uses, trees are used to make buildings and other structures, furniture, paper, fuel, and so on. And, of course, other trees.

What is the usefulness of propane conversion kits?

Propane and LPG conversion kits can convert your gasoline vehicle into a bi-fuel Beware of purchasing kits that do not meet EPA regulations for on-road use.

Should consumers replace their old cars with more fuel efficient vechile that are more cost effective?

Consumers will do that anyway as stricter pollution regulations price the older models out of the market.

What happened in the actual attack of Pearl Harbor?

The Japanese Navy eliminated the US Battleship Fleet at Pearl Harbor. But did NOT eliminate the most critical portions of the US Navy: The fuel oil depots, repair facilities, and most important of all, the United States Navy's deadliest weapon: The Aircraft Carriers.

How big is a formula 1 racing cars fuel tank?

Actual size of it these days has no regulations as volume is not accurate, instead they would use weight. 2014 regulations say that no more than 100kg of fuel can be used during the race. As a result, I would presume the size would be enough so that about 110kg or so is used may be more or slightly less. 100kg of fuel is equivilant to about 140 litres. So, I will estimate about the size of a F1 fuel would hold about 150 litres but in past, that had been upto 200 litres, so it can still be 200 litres of fuel that can be stored in a signle tank. The size is kept secrete between each team and the size of it wouldn'tbe released as even the size of a fuel tank can be the difference between winning or loosing the championship.

What hazard class is JP-8?

JP-8, a type of Jet Fuel with a flash point of 46 Cº, is a Class 3 Flammable Liquid under the regulations for Hazardous Materials Transportation.

Why did the twin towers fall?

The fact that the planes had full tanks of fuel acted similar to an explosive device though. After the planes impacted the buildings the jet fuel combined with the explosions of the planes shot flames down the elevator shafts and through the neighboring floors that were impacted. The fire burned at a temperature of approximately 2000 degrees Fahrenheit which melted the support beams in the building. As the beams gave way the buildings collapsed.

Who did America bomb in the Vietnam war?

Aerial targets of the Viet War: 1. North Vietnam: SAM sites, AAA sites, Railroads, Highways, Bridges, Roads, Troop Barracks, Torpedo Boat Docks, Fuel Depots, Ammo Depots, Repair Facilities, Radar Sites, Airfields, Etc. 2. South Vietnam: Enemy troop concentrations; on call CAS (Close Air Strikes) supporting US/Allied men on the ground. 3. Laos/Cambodia: Ho Chi Minh Trail and associated enemy activities.

What is carbonmonoxide?

Carbon monoxide is a toxic, colorless, odorless gas that forms from the incomplete combustion of carbon-containing compounds. It is a common hazard in homes and buildings with fossil-fuel heating systems.

How the sources of energy for light and movement in cities changed over the last 120 years?

About 120 years ago the insides of buildings were lit by candles, oil lamps and gas lights. Coal and wood were used as fuel or fires to keep the buildings warm in winters. The streets were lit by gas lights. Today, the buildings are lit by electricity. Some buildings have air conditioning powered by electricity to keep them cool in summer. They also have heaters powered by electricity to keep them warm in winter.

What is the natural gas?

Natural gases is a fuel that is used to heat buildings, cook food , dry clothes, heat water and even to help produce electricity .It's sometimes called Gas.