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Q: What are Phillips remote code for model cl019?
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what is the phillips universal remote code for a spectronic tv

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The remote code for a Durabrand TV Model will depend on the type of remote you own.

What are the remote codes for Phillips universal remote SRU-3003 for the DVD trutech?

go to Phillips souport page code find

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555678 who cares

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Dish remote code for TCL is 503

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for a philips

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what is the direct remote code for a favi tv

Phillips universal remote code list for sanyo tv?

0506 k

How do you save the code for Phillips Universal Remote CL034?

press the mute button

What is TV remote code for a wansa TV?

Wansa 32inch model no.WLE40G7762N WHAT IS THE REMOTE MODEL NO?

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Can I have the codes for the Emerson Universal Jumbo Remote ?

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Waths the remote code for pixel

What are the codes for a Phillips Universal Remote Codes CL034?

I just bought the Philips CL034 universal replacement remote and was looking for the manual online so I didn't have to save the paper copy. Nowhere on this code sheet does it mention the model number of the remote. However, I found it by searching for strings that were on the paper copy that came with the remote.

Cable one TV code for apex TV?

What is the remote code for Apex TV model GT2015DV CN1202 for a Universal remote

How do you do a code search for a Phillips TV remote controller?

phillips cl034 manual Paste this into your browser to view the entire remote manual. You're welcome :)

Remote code for insignia converter box for living solutions giant remote model atc-1311?

model atc-1311

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i have hct tv model HPP_42HCB i need the code for the remote Directv remote rc65rx

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0031 worked for my Yamaha receiver remote

What are the codes for a Philips universal remote pm435s?


Vivo plasma 46inch tv remote code?

There are dozens of Vivo plasma, 46-inch TV remote codes. You can find a full list to match the model of remote you have on the Remote Code List website.

V7 lcd flat screen tv and looking for a code for remote?

We will need to know the brand of your TV and the model of the remote to know what code to give you.

You have an rca universal remote how can you get codes to make it turn tv on and off?

also need code to turn Phillips vcr on and off. or maybe get codes for a russound universal remote to turn on/off Phillips vcr and vizio television. thanks