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Game Shark is a program used to cheat on console games and Pro Action Replay is simply its number 1 competitor

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Q: What are Pro Action Replay and Game Shark?
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What is an action replay code for evolving electabuzz on Pokemon HeartGold or What is a website to download evolution editor pro?

You don't need action replay or any stupid game shark you find an electrivier thing in cerlean cave give it to electabuzz then trade it and then it evolves. But I can't trade Pokemon on a PC with heart gold.

Pro Action Replay cheat for diamond and pearl?


How can you put in passwords in Pokemon Emerald?

You Cannot put in passwords manually you need to have an action replay pro with Pokemon emerald passwords in it. You can however manually input the action replay codes onto the action replay using codes found on the internet.

Level 99 poffin?

there are two ways to do this you can get a action replay whitch is simple or you need to be a pro

Yugioh world championship 2008 god card pro action replay codes?

do you want to go out

Are there any Action Replay codes for SaGa Frontier?

There are Pro Action Replay codes for the PlayStation version of SaGa Frontier. For infinite HP, 8001FF04 03E7. For infinite LP, 8001FF06 6363. For infinite strength, 3001FF0E 0063.

Where do you find kingdom hearts Chain of Memories cheats gba gameshark or pro action replay?

you could check cheatguru

Where would one buy a Euro Pro SC505 Shark portable pro steam cleaner?

One may purchase the Euro Pro SC505 Shark portable pro steam cleaner online at Amazon and directly from the Shark company. One can also buy this item at a retailer who carries the Shark brand.

Can you catch moltres in platinum?

yes but you need to have a gba game to put it on the Pokemon platinum game or you need an action replay actually you can talk to pro. oak in eterna city and he will tell you the three legendary birds have been sighted in sinnoh. then they will be on your marking map

How much time is a baseball in play during an average game?

what is average action time a pro baseball game

How do you get the johto starters on Pokemon on ruby and sapphire?

You need a game sharkYou need a game shark you can also get them from emerald but you have to complete the pokedex in emerald to get oe of the three starters from pro. berch

How do you use Pro Action replay for SNES?

I was searching for this info really hard, too. Then I found a very good tutorial on You have to use the platform jumper to get to the SNES section and under "SNES Hardware FAQs" you'll find the "Pro Action Replay FAQ". That's it ;-) Happy cheating! Stefan Sikora

How do you use a GameShark pro for the Game Boy color?

To use the gameshark pro., insert your game cartridge into the game shark, insert the gameshark into the game system, then select what you wish to do. (Ex. If you want to add a new cheat code to a game, find your game in the list of games, press A, then press select then press on "add new cheat.")

Is there an action replay code for nfs pro street for the ds?


How do you get into the debug menu in Super Smash bros without action replay?

I'm sorry to say that unless you know some pro hacking skills it's impossible.

When was Pro-Choice Action Network created?

Pro-Choice Action Network was created in 1987.

How do you play avi video in game maker 7 pro?

With the 'Splash Movie' action in the 'Main 2' tab

When was Game Pro created?

Game Pro was created in 2007.

Where is pro bowl this year?

Land Shark Stadium, Miami, Florida.

When we call someone a shark it means that?

Pro player looking for pigeons

What is game maker 7 pro activation code?

The Game Maker 7 Pro activation code allows you to upgrade from Game Maker 7 Lite to Game Maker 7 Pro.

What is the company Euro Pro Shark all about?

The company Euro-Pro is basically a company that makes household cleaning products, most importantly the Shark brand. Their products include vacuums, steamers, garment care and cordless.

What is the biggest shark ever caught in history?

The biggest shark that was ever caught was the great white shark go to total pro biggest sharks ever caught

What bags are used with the Shark Plus Euro-Pro 1200W vacuum cleaner?

Bags made for any canister vacuums will work with the Shark Plus Euro-Pro 1200W. Check out the related link below for an example of these bags.

What is Pro Cricket's motto?

Pro Cricket's motto is 'Fast n' Furious Global Action'.