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What are THC pills?

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A pill is medicine which is given to you in capsule or oval form and is swallowed whole with water, but usually when people say " on the pill " they are referring to what women take so that they can have intercourse without getting pregnant. Hope this helps!

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What is THC pills used for?

to get high =]

Can fluid pills help get THC out of your system?

yes they can help get THC out of your system

Is there such medicine that keeps you from vomiting?

Seasickness pills or THC

Can water pills clean the THC out of your system?


Do vitiam D clean your system of THC?

defiantly not, niacin pills and azo cranberry pills do.

Do pills show up on marijuana pee test?

Depends On IF THERE JUST looking for THC but even some pills contain THC so its 50/50 chance your risk

Will cranberry pills detox your body of THC?

No. Only time can do that.

Can working out and water pills clean THC out of your system?


Will cranberry pills clean your system of THC?

no, search dilution

Do THC marijuana pills show in ua's?

If the test detects THC and your taking pill containing THC what do you think will happen come on think about your question before you post it

Can you pass a urine drug test for THC with diuretic pills?

yes i can

Does Sundown Natural Water pills clean out THC from your urinary system?


Where can you get THC pills?

from a doctor in California doctors also give them out in the Virginia.

What drugs cause false positive for marijuana?

THC Pills.. Although technically that's whats being looked for on a drug test..THC. They don't test for marijuana...Just the THC in it...

Does marijuana come in pill form?

Yes. THC pills are available by prescription.

How do you get weed out your system in one day?

You literally can't. You can take pills that may mask the THC, temporarily. But such pills have massive side effects.

Do durex water pills clean out your system from THC?

Yes, in most cases. Not gaureenteed.

Will cranberry juice flush THC out of your system?

No, it will not. And there is no evidence to say that cranberry pills will, either.

What do THC pills look like?

Whatever the person making them wants them to look like.

What pills clean THC out of your system?

There are none. Nor any other method for that matter. The only way to get rid of THC is to get rid of the disgusting drug habit.

Can twenty eight niacin pills clean your system of THC in 2 weeks?

after a single use, THC stays in your system for about 1-6 days. that many pills of anything seems really unhealthy

I am very dirty on THC will the deep cleansing herbal capsules work?

Nope. THC is stored in the fat deposits of the body. While some pills may mask the THC, or cause excessive urination through diuretics, it is unlikely that they will remove the THC from your fat cells.

What kind of pain pills contain THC?

None. That is an organic compound- all prescriptions are inorganic.

Do any pills contain traces of THC?

Yeah alot of gnc products and dietary supplements

What pills burn thc out your stsyem?

None. Thc is stored in your body's fat cells. Any products used to "rid the body of Thc" only work temporarily to hide it. The products of hiding THC on a test may provide indication to the tester that you are attempting to screen, and your efforts will be wasted.