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The following list contains pre-defined vendor classes that are available in Windows 2000 DHCP server.

Collapse this tableExpand this table {| ! Class Data ! Class Name ! Description | MSFT 5.0 Microsoft Windows 2000 options Class that includes all Windows 2000 DHCP clients. MSFT 98 Microsoft Windows 98 options Class that includes all Windows 98 and Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition (Me) DHCP clients. MSFT Microsoft options Class that includes all Windows 98, Windows Me, and Windows 2000 DHCP clients. |}

If you have non-Microsoft DHCP clients, you can define other vendor-specific classes on the DHCP server. When you define such classes, make sure the vendor class identifier that you define matches the identifier used by the clients. Back to the top The following list contains pre-defined user classes that are available in Windows 2000 DHCP server.

Collapse this tableExpand this table {| ! Class ID ! Class Type ! Description | Unspecified Default user class All DHCP clients that have no user class specified. RRAS.Microsoft Default Routing and Remote Access class All Dial-Up Networking (DUN) clients. Bootp Default Bootp class All Bootp clients |}

In addition to these pre-defined classes, you can also add custom user classes for Windows 2000 DHCP clients. When you configure such classes, you must specify a custom identifier that corresponds to the user class defined on the DHCP server.

For additional information about how to create other user and vendor classes, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

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How do you restrict domainuser not to change ip address assigned by dhcp?

We can restrict user to unchanged the Internet Protocol by uninstall the admin rights from user access or TIER.

What are the steps in the DORA DHCP process?

DHCP (D)iscoverDHCP (O)fferDHCP (R)equestDHCP (A)ck

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What ports are used by dhcp and the DHCP client?

The port 67 and port 68 are used by DHCP and the DHCP clients.

Does the dhcp server have to be activated to issue leases to dhcp clients?

dhcp has to be authorized

What is the use of a DHCP relay agent?

The use of a DHCP relay agent is an agent that relays DHCP between DHCP clients and DHCP servers on different IP networks. The DHCP relay agent is compliant with RFC 1542.

What is the default port number DHCP?

(DHCP) Dynamic host Configuration Protocol. The Default Port Number is: for DHCP client : 546 for DHCP server : 547

Which one of the following is a reason to use a hardware address?

To obtain a vendor code/serial number from the user.

In a domain installations of DHCP require the authorization of the dhcp server before IP addresses can be allocated True or False?

yes DHCP require the authorization of the dhcp server before IP addresses can be allocated because until we authorize DHCP server the network does not know who is the dhcp server for the subnet. The DHCP server broadcasts the information to all.

What step is this dhcp discovery dhcp offer dhcp request dhcp acknowledge?

Those are the four phases of acquiring an IP address via DHCP. More information would be needed to indicate which of the 4 phases are being used at this point.

To which group should you add a user to allow them to authorize DHCP servers?

Only members of the Domain Admins(Enterprise admin) group can perform this task.

What is the Linux command to consult a DHCP server?


What command create DHCP address pool on a router?

router (config)# ip dhcp servicerouter (dhcp-config)# ip dhcp pool router (dhcp-config)# network

What is the difference between user defined class and built in class?

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What dhcp feature allows a host to be configured through dhcp while still retaining the same ip address?

DHCP Reservation

What is import java swing?

You tell Java where to look for classes by importing them. javax.swing is a package (collection of classes) which provides prebuilt classes for creating a graphical user interface.

Can a DHCP be standalone or member server?

DHCP Server can be a standalone server

What service is needed in order for the hosts to access the internet?


Which network entity would most likely be configured as both a DHCP client and a DHCP server?

Router is usually configured as a DHCP client for WAN (Internet) network and as a DHCP server for local network.

How can two different networks using DHCP links together?

There can only be one DHCP server on a network. Two DHCP servers will conflict.

How do classes help to organize programs in java?

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Port number of dhcp?

DHCP server port number 67 and 68.

What is the purpose of dhcp?

dhcp give to other computer the ip address automatically.

Port no of DHCP server?

DHCP server listens at 67 and responds at 68.

Which code in a DHCP audit log indicates that a DHCP lease was denied?


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