What are Wi-Fi hotspots and how do you use them?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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Wi-fi hotspot is a place you can get internet on you're wii,ds or things like that and you use them to use the Internet and stuff

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Q: What are Wi-Fi hotspots and how do you use them?
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Do you have to pay for internet use for the iphone 3GS?

Yes you can, you use wifi. However, it will either need to be your own or in a hotspot that does not charge for the use of their wifi. Hotspots can be found in places such as pubs, clubs, train stations.

What are PC hotspots?

PC 'hotspots' - usually refers to the WiFi network. There are thousands of WiFi connections around the country (UK), located in public buildings such as libraries, government offices, shopping centres and businesses - which offer free access to the internet. All you need is a computer with WiFi capabilities - and be in range of one of the 'hotspots'

Where are Nintendo WiFi hot spots?

There are hotspots in Future Shops, and look for hotspots in

Is boingo wifi any good?

I travel a lot and you can connect to loads of hotspots, not just boingo hotspots but other operators hotspots across the world. I would recommend

Do any tablets have built in wifi hotspots?

galaxy note 10.1

How much is a Nintendo WiFi connector at walmart?

i dont know.just go to hotspots and you should be able to connect to wifi

Where can you buy a BT openzone adapter?

BT openzone isn't an adapter, its just a wifi service that you can access in hotspots. I am not sure why you would want this because wifi is free anyway in hotspots. You can buy it from their personal website.

Does it cost to get wifi on an ipod touch?

nope, just go to the settings, tap on wifi, then click on the one you want but some wifi hotspots make you pay

Where can someone in the LA area find free Wifi Hotspots?

The best ways to locate WiFi hotspots in the LA Area is to check websites that list WiFi hotspots directories. Most sites allow you to set an allowable search range, usually within one mile of your target area. The search will return a list of providers and access to maps, so that you may locate them easily.

How do I connect my iPad with Wifi to Wifi spots outside of my home without knowing what the passwords are for random hotspots?

if is a hotspot shouldn't have password

What is wifi hotspots?

A point where you can connect to the internet to access things. They have them at McDonald's and stuff I think.

Can you access xfinity wifi hotspots immediately after purchase?

Yes, you should be able to see them on your network.