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What are Windows applications?

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Microsoft Windows applications are ...In the case of "Microsoft Windows", windows programs are software applications that are run on a computer that is also running Microsoft Windows as an operating system. A software application, or program, is a set of logical conditions grouped together to perform some function. Typically a Microsoft Windows application will be run within a "window" although that is not a requirement. A "window" in the context of software is an area of the screen set aside to run a single program and may or may not have options for controlling the position and size of the program area.

Some examples of Microsoft Windows applications are:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft internet Explorer
  • Notepad
  • Mozilla Firefox
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What are the types of applications?

In .net having below applications: 1) Console applications 2) Windows GUI applications (Windows Forms) 3) Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications 4) ASP.Net applications (Web Applications) 5) Web services applications 6) Windows services applications

What are non-Windows applications?

Applications that do not run on Windows.

What are the best applications can be created using c?

Applications of what? On Windows, for example, you can create Windows-applications in C.

Can Windows XP be embedded in Windows Vista to run Windows XP applications?

Windows Vista can already run most XP applications, with no need for any additional software.

Which Windows file loads applications that run when Windows opens?

Microsoft Windows Operating System is the file that loads applications that run when the Windows open.

Where is your applications folder located on Windows Vista?

There is no applications folder in Vista. However, you can find a folder called 'program files' in your windows partition. In program files, you can find your applications.

Can Windows 9x run DOS and Windows 3.1 applications?


Name 2 applications that come with Windows Operating Systems?

After installing a windows operating system, one will get some applications that come with the installation. They include Windows Media Center and Windows Media Player.

Is it possible to change mac applications into windows applications?

i don't think so

Which version of Windows uses pinned applications instead of Quick Launch?

Windows 7 features the ability to pin applications to the tast bar.

Where is it possible to download applications for a Windows mobile phone?

The best place to download applications for a Windows mobile phone are from the Windows Mobile center on the Microsoft website. One can download applications in a similar way to how iPhone users download from the Apple Store.

Does Ubuntu supports all Windows applications?


What is MAC application?

A Mac application is like a program that runs on windows, but it runs on a Mac. Btw mac applications are better than windows applications.

What feature included with windows 7 Enterprise will allow legacy applications to run at the same time as other windows 7 applications?

Xp mode

Can you run Microsoft applications on Linux?

Yes and no. Linux will not run Windows applications by itself, however, there are ample tools written for Linux that permit you to run Windows applications on Linux. The open-source WINE software will run a majority of Windows software on Linux. You can even configure Linux to automatically recognize Windows applications and use WINE to run them. Alternatively, there's a wide variety of virtual machine products that permit you to run the Windows operating system as an application under Linux, and, in turn, any Windows applications inside the Windows virtual environment. Finally, some "Windows applications" are written in .Net or Java and can be run directly under Linux using mono and java respectively (albeit, some .Net applications will not yet run under mono).

Are Windows XP and Windows Vista compatible?

They are "compatible" in the sense that many applications that run on Windows XP will run on Windows Vista.

Does windows 98 support backward compatibility with dos and older windows applications?


What is the Windows keyboard shortcut to shut down Windows when no applications are loaded?


A windows tool useful for troubleshooting problems with windows applications and hardware?

Event Viewer

Why Windows OS says window?

Because the frames that applications run in are called "windows".

Do DOS applications communicate directly with Windows XP drivers?

No. All calls to system peripherals by DOS applications are caught by the NTVDM and translated into Windows calls.

How do you identify all of the applications Windows loads at startup?

Use the Windows command prompt and type in That will show you all the applications set to load at startup.

Users can reinstall their applications and repair applications seamlessly by using which utility?

Windows Installer Service

Which programming software is the best for applications?

Use Windows Visual Studio to make applications with ease.

What is windows application?

Windows applications are graphical interface operating systems that Microsoft Windows has. They are programs that are written to run on Windows operating systems.

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