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What are Winston Churchill's accomplishments directly related to Britain overcoming Germany in World War 2?


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Winston Churchill was an outstanding Prime Minister in WW2. On taking over from Chamberlain in May 1940 he immediately formed a coalition government with the opposition parties. He set about the task of fighting the war energetically and appointed many of the anti-appeasers to to key posts in the afministration. Above all, he inspired people and he was determined to WIN. In his first speech as Prime Minister (13 May 1940) he said his aim was 'Victory! Victory, whatever the cost!' He went on to say that Britain and the Commonwealth would not lay down their arms till 'the Nazi curse has been lifted for ever from the brow of mankind'. What's more, he meant it. All this was much more relevant in war than Chamberlain's gloomy talk about how evil the Nazis were. In some ways Churchill was anachronistic - a very traditional, British imperalist. But this had enormous advantages **in the circumstances**. He took the view that a great power with a sense of self-respect had a mission in the world. Certainly, Churchill also had his faults but that's not the point. :)