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What are achievements King John made?

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well he was a great leader

2008-01-27 19:34:21
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Q: What are achievements King John made?
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What were King John of England's main achievements?

I have absolutely no idea why..................

What are the achievements John Cabot?

The Achievements that john cabot had was that

What are some accomplishments King John made?

HE became king

What king made Liverpool a city?

king john i think...

What are the achievements of King Arthur?

He becomes a king.

What were King Menes achievements?

One of the achievements of King Menes was that he united Upper and Lower Egypt and that he developed the city of Memphis

What did King John do to anger the barons?

* King John raised the taxes(which Barons paid most of) * King John made the Barons serve in his army or pay money * King John made the English Barons who owned land in France give it up * King John imprisoned the Barons who he thought were annoying or would make them pay heavy fines * The Barons thought that King John had killed his nephew Arthur

What were the achievements of John Madison?

== ==

What achievements did the Hopi make?

they made alot of achievements

What was King Canute's greatest achievements?

being a king at the age of 9

What are King Davids achievements?

King Davids achievements were slaying of Goliath,making Isa real a mighty empire, and seeing his son Solomon succeed him as a great king as well.

Who made the silk roads safe for travelers?

King john

Did King John make England richer?

King John put money into the royal coffers. The claim might have been made that this made England richer, but in fact it only made King John richer. Every year he raised taxes and took more money away from his people. The claim might be made that this made England poorer, and in fact I think this is true.

What was nat king Cole's achievements?

to danec

What were Solomon achievements as king of israel?

Solomon's achievements were taking over Israel and capturing the jews

A document signed by King John in 1215 it made the king subject to law?

The Magna Carta.

Is Martin Luther King Day a holiday for unemployment?

No, Martin Luther King is celebrated to remember the achievements of Martin Luther King who made a revolutionary idea of ending racial segregation. It is not celebrated as a day for unemployment.

What did the barons do to solve the problems they had with King John?

The barons made him sign The Magna Carta. The Magna Carta was a list of rules King John 1 had to obey because he was such a bad king.

Why did king john react bad in signing the magna carta?

King John reacted poorly to the signing of the Magna Carta since it limited his powers as a king and made him adhere to a Parliament

What do people think of King John?

people think that king john was a mean man who made people pay to much money for taxes but he was an ok man just a bad king

What were John Locke's achievements?

he was a great philosopher.

Who made the rule Magna Carta?

King John in the 13th century

Who made the lyrics to The Lion King?

Tim Rice and Elton John

What are the release dates for Made - 2002 Prom King John 9-5?

Made - 2002 Prom King John 9-5 was released on: USA: 14 June 2008

What were King Charles i achievements?

he had his head cut off