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They are called Tasmanian Devils. The babies are called joeys.

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Foxes can be predators of young Tasmanian devils. They are no match for an adult Tasmanian devil.

Foxes do not catch adult Tasmanian devils. Healthy adult Tasmanian devils are too stocky and large for a fox to attack. However, foxes are a threat to sick adults and young joeys (baby Tasmanian devils).

There is no specific collective term for a group of Tasmanian devils. Tasmanian devils are solitary animals. At most, an area where numerous Tasmanian devils live is called a colony.

The island where Tasmanian devils live is called Tasmania. It is Australia's island state.

Tasmanian devils can certainly get sick. Tasmanian Devils are threatened by a fatal form of cancer called Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD) which is transmitted between Tasmanian devils by biting.

Feral cats are particularly aggressive, but they do not tend to attack adult Tasmanian devils. They are a threat to young joeys.

A baby Tasmanian devil is called a joey. Tasmanian devils are marsupials, and "joey" is the name given to the young of all marsupials.

Like all native Australian animals, adult Tasmanian devils drink water. Joeys drink mothers' milk.

Yes and no, young Tasmanian devils can climb trees and do so because they can smell for food better. Adult T-devils cannot climb trees.

The average height of an adult Tasmanian Devil is around 30cm, or 12 inches, at the shoulder.

Tasmanian devils do NOT migerate!

No. Tasmanian devils are marsupials.

They are concidered adults at 2 years old

Of course Tasmanian devils breed. If they didn't, there would be no Tasmanian devils left today. Tasmanian devils are mammals, which are vertebrates. All vertebrates breed.

Male Tasmanian devils do not have any particular name. This is commonly the case with a large number of Australia's marsupials.

Yes. While fixes are responsible for eating Tasmanian devil joeys, adult Tasmanian devils will themselves attack and eat foxes. The presence of Tasmanian devils in Tasmania is one reason why fox numbers have not proliferated ... yet.

No. Tasmanian devils tend to be solitary hunters, although they may feed with other Tasmanian devils.

No. People do not eat Tasmanian devils.

Tasmanian devils are marsupials of Australia.

No. Tasmanian devils are solitary creatures.

Tasmanian devils do not attack humans.

Tasmanian devils became protected by law in June 1941. After this, it became illegal to hunt or trap Tasmanian devils.

Tasmanian devils may not be hunted. They are protected by law.

Yes, Tasmanian devils can blink their eyes.

Yes. Tasmanian devils have short, stumpy tails.

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