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Q: What are all of One Directions friends?
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Who is one of one directions British friends?

Ed Sheeran

Is demi lavoto dating nieel of one directions?

No:(....but their good friends.:)

What does Dont fret all your friends will be able to zig when you zag mean?

"don't fret. all your friends will be able to zig whenever you zag."zig: ideas in their most powerful form.Zag: to move in one of the two directions followed in a zigzag courseAll of your friends will be able to have ideas in their most powerful form whenever you move in one of two directions... followed in a zigzag course.

What is one directions first album called?

One directions first album is called 'Up All Night'.

What are all of one directions boyfriends?

they dont have "boyfriends"

What are one directions hobbies?

there are none, none at all

What is one directions favorite party food?

You'd have to be friends with them to find out. Its not really an appropriate question for this site.

Does Liam Payne start all of one directions song?

most but not all...

What is One Directions favorite fan?

they love all their fans

What is one directions kind of phones?

they all have an iphone and a blackberry

What was one directions first album?

"Up All Night".

What are all of one directions singles?

Niall, Harry, and Liam

What is one directions first album?

One Directions debut album released on 21 November 2011 is titled Up All Night.

How can I get directions to the Copley Plaza Hotel?

One can get directions to the Copley Plaza by , looking in a phone book, buying a map , asking family or friends. One can also use the websites, maps, yahoomaps, and googlemaps.

Where to get one directions up all night album in America?


What is one directions zayn favorite sport?

they all love soccer(:

What is one directions first debut album?

Up all night

What is one directions album going to be called?

Up All Night

What does 'toutes directions' mean?

All directions

What is a one word substitute for a complete view in all directions?

The adjective for having a view in all directions is omnidirectional. The term sought may be panorama or vista.

What are the names of one directions best mates?

Niall is friends with Sean Cullen and Louis is mates with a lad named Stan.

What is one directions?

Its not One Directions it One Direction and they are a British/Irish band.

What does toutes directions mean?

Toutes directions means 'all directions' in French.

Where can one find AAA directions?

Travel AAA directions can be found at AAA website itself. All you have to do is enter your zip code and you will be given directions to the place you want to go to.

When was All Directions created?

All Directions was created on 1972-07-27.