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What are all of the things you can smoke weed out of?


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March 14, 2011 5:17AM

I've personally used apples, blunts, blunts put into straws like Cruella Deville (my fav b/c no blunt lip, but just toss the straw.. stinky), you can buy a piece or just make one like me. Use a mouthwash bottle, put a hole in the side, about 3.5 inches above the bottom, and put a pen-tube into the hole, somewhat bigger than the one used below so that the one below fits in, supporting it somehow so it doesn't move (I used duct tape). Now make the slide. It's the tricky part. You need a socket wrench piece to put the weed in. Now take the tube of say, a Bic pen, and a lighter. Light the lighter and rotate the tube and hold it above the flame, making the plastic hard and maleable. I found it easiest to do this and used scissors (or anything else that is cone-shaped, making the maleable plastic bigger, the more you push it and rotate while pushing the object in). I used scissors b/c they gradually get bigger.. but just do that until you can fit the socket piece into the opening that you made in the pen tube and you're set. fill it with water until about 1.5 cm above the bottom of the slide-holder, pack the bowl, and get ripppppedd!!!!

" It's the tricky part"