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I've personally used apples, blunts, blunts put into straws like Cruella Deville (my fav b/c no blunt lip, but just toss the straw.. stinky), you can buy a piece or just make one like me. Use a mouthwash bottle, put a hole in the side, about 3.5 inches above the bottom, and put a pen-tube into the hole, somewhat bigger than the one used below so that the one below fits in, supporting it somehow so it doesn't move (I used Duct Tape). Now make the slide. It's the tricky part. You need a socket wrench piece to put the weed in. Now take the tube of say, a Bic pen, and a lighter. Light the lighter and rotate the tube and hold it above the flame, making the plastic hard and maleable. I found it easiest to do this and used scissors (or anything else that is cone-shaped, making the maleable plastic bigger, the more you push it and rotate while pushing the object in). I used scissors b/c they gradually get bigger.. but just do that until you can fit the socket piece into the opening that you made in the pen tube and you're set. fill it with water until about 1.5 cm above the bottom of the slide-holder, pack the bowl, and get ripppppedd!!!!

" It's the tricky part"

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Did Mac dre smoke weed?

yes mac dre smoked all the time, infact on the ghetto celebrities DVD he says his favorite things are to smoke weed

All rasta people smoke weed?

No, you don't have to smoke weed ot pratice rasta

Who smoke your weed?

You smoke my weed!

Can you give 3 sentences using the word weed?

My son likes to pull weed from the garden. Mom likes to smoke weed. Lets all smoke weed and pull weed out of the garden!

Do pirates smoke weed?

I wouldn't say ALL pirate smoke weed, but I'm sure if one of them had some they would!

Does Lil Wayne smoke crack?

Lil Wayne does not smoke crack all he smoke is weed

What percentage of Jamaicans smoke marijuana?

70% of Jamaicans smoke weed. Not all weed is smoked plain, most is mixed with tobacco.

Does Mitchel Musso smoke weed?

no he doesnt smoke weed

How do you get higher when you smoke weed?

Dont smoke weed or be square

How can you get medicated to smoke weed?

You can get medicated to smoke weed if you have glacoma.

Does nuri smoke weed?

yes she smoke alot of weed.

Why your brain is so slow in the morning when you used to smoke weed last night?

Weed makes your brain slower because it is a drug and not good for you! so remember kids. DON'T SMOKE WEED UNTIL YOU ARE 21 ACTUALLY. DON'T SMOKE WEED AT ALL

What are the bad things from smoking weed?

Really the bad thing about smoking weed is that it makes your teeth yellow. Also it makes you have really bad breath I wouldn't smoke weed at all some say it's healthily.

Can you smoke weed buds?

That's the part of weed your supposed to smoke.

Can you smoke a little weed?

If you smoke weed, you might be addicted to it, it depends on you.

Did any presidents smoke weed?

No all the president that we had did not smoke. According to former president Bill Clinton, he did.

Are Pakistanis allowed to smoke weed?

Well I knew a couple of Pakistani friends who live right next door to me. And they always smoke weed like about every other day. Usually i've seen many Pakistani boys smoke weed but i've never seen Pakistani girls smoke weed at all.

Where is weedpatch school?

smoke all the weed you want school

In islam Is prayer accepted when you smoke weed?

If you smoke a narcotic weed than not .

Can you smoke weed and take Klonopin?

yeah you can smoke weed and take anything

Can you drink weed?

no... you can eat it smoke it. all that stuff, but i've never seen weed in liquid form.

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