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All Sikh Jatts
1.) Pooni
2.) Bassi
3.) Padda
4.) Cheema
5.) Sidhu
6.) Sandhu
7.) Sahota
8.) Hayer
9.) Purewal
10.) Dhaliwal
11.) Brar
12.) Gurna
12.) Bajwa
13.) Bains
14.) Chahal
15.) Thind
16.) Gill
17.) Deol
18.) Dhillon
19.) Dosanjh
20.) Sher Gill
21.) Dinsa
22.) Ghuman
23.) Dinoha
24.) Johal
25.) Kang
26.) Waraich
27.) Ojjala
28.) Uppal
29.) Virk
30.) Rana
31.) Nijjar
32.) Khera
33.) Kalair
34.) Mann
35.) Mandair
36.) Pannu
37.) Pawar
38.) Mahal
39.) Kooner
40.) Heer
41.) Thandi
42.) Toor
43.) Aulakh
44.) Thanwal
45.) Srawn
46.) Sall
47.) Sohal
48.) Randhawa
49.) Ghara
50.) HARA
51.) Bhullar
52.) Samra
53.) Khalon
54.) Khandola
55.) Sekhon
56.) Atwal
57.) Hothi
58.) Rai
59.) Pandhar
60.) Hundal
61.) Sunpal
62.) Mangat
63.) Khangura
64.) Bhangu
65.) Dhami
66.) Basra
67.) Khokar
68.) Malahi
69.) Mali
70.) Jajja
71.) Chajjh
72.) Sagoo
73.) Chinjer
74.) Hansra
75.) Hanjara
76.) Goraya
77.) Ghotra
78.) Tarar
79.) Mundi
80.) Swaich
81.) Sunerh
82.) Rattol
83.) Mand
84.) Khroud
85.) Sooch
86.) Rathor
87.) Manshahi
88.) Mavi
89.) Garcha
90.) Bilaan
91.) Ranu
92.) Makhsospuri
93.) Baidwan
94.) Jaspal
95.) Jagpal
96.) Thiara
97.) Badeshaa
98.) Janajhaa
99.) Jawar
100.) Marahar
101.) Dhulay
102.) Naghara
103.) Dhindsa
104.) Ahluwalia
There are about 130-145 but I know 116 only.
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Are Sohal and Jatt last names?

Sohal is a last name, but Jatt is a caste, not a surname. so Sohal is a jatt last name, who are thought to have descended from the Turks and originate from Amritsar and Gurdaspur, although they are all over Punjab (both Pakistan and India) and can be Sikh or Muslim

Is khunkhun a jatt last name?

Answer . Yes Khunkhun is a jatt last name. Khunkhun is a last name from the jullundher district. Majority of the khunkhuns are from Patara.

Is purewall a jatt last name?

yes Purewall are Jatt for sure, King Porus was also Purewall Jatt. When Alaxander attacked India he was faced by Porus and defeted Porus but he was very impressed by his courage and gave him his kingdom back with more territories than before.

Is rehal a jatt last name?

The Royal surname REHAL is by nomeans a Jatt last name. . In India REHAL surname belongs to a Royalclass called Punjabi Kshatriyas . Thisaristocracy belongs to a Suryavansh Lineage withtheir family deity being Goddess of all Gods DURGADEVI . . The surname REHAL constitute t ( Full Answer )

Is singh a jatt last name?

Singh can be a Jat last name.. Jats are members of an agricultural people of northwest India and Pakistan and are mostly Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs. Jat followers of the Sikh religion may adopt the surname Singh ("lion").

Is Judge a Jatt last name?

Yes, Judge, Jhaj, Jaj are all Sikh Jatt surnames and they are Khamboj Sikh too.

Who is jatt?

The Jat s(जाट), Jat people ( also spelt Jatt ( जट्ट )), are a 31 million strong ethnic group of people native to mainly the Punjab, Rajastan, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra in India, and many areas in Pakistan. They are an ethnic ( Full Answer )

Is Lakhanpal a Sikh Jatt last name?

No you see that is a term for the religion.All Sikh's share their middle names The lady's/girls middle names are kaur and that means princess while you're not married when you do get married it mean's Queen/Singh is the men/boy's middle name it mean's courages,brave,daring and warrior the same as wo ( Full Answer )

Is Ark a a Sikh Jatt last name?

No you see that Sikh's don't have jaat as a LAST NAME.All Sikh's share their middle names The lady's/girls middle names are kaur and that means princess while you're not married when you do get married it mean's Queen/Singh is the men/boy's middle name it mean's courages,brave,daring and warrior the ( Full Answer )

Is nanda a Sikh jatt last name?

no nanda is not a Sikh jatt last name it is close to it comes close to jatts, but jatts are the ones that work the feilds have the most respect etc, but nanda is not a jatt last name The previous answer is a total contridiction. In Sikhism there is no caste system. Guru Nanak condemed the caste sys ( Full Answer )

Is rana a jatt last name?

Since Sikhism is against caste system, therefore the idea that a specific name may give an image for some kind of person as the question suggest is not in line with Sikhism. As for name, a person can have any name, it is the deed which make or unmake man.

Is purba a jatt last name?

yes, purba s are jatt . they are from kamboj community... and kamboj are jatt thind ............. kamboj like Sardar Bhagat Singh & Shaheed udham Singh ARE kamboj and they said to be jatt........... I just wanna interrupt you my dear friend ,as you seem to b little bit ignorant in term of histor ( Full Answer )

Is Saran a jatt last name?

yes it is. sarans are jat its fact ,there arelots of people use the words sra, sran but the both are same things , srans are jatt Sarans were said to be found cheifly around Gurdaspur and Sialkot regions of United Punjab. The Sarai/Saran are said to be a well known clan. They were known as Sul ( Full Answer )

Is dhoot a Jatts last name?

Yes Dhoot is a Jatt surname. This name has a hindu origin as all sikh/jatt clan names either have a hindu or muslim origin. You will see hindus with the same last name. Most sikhs you see with this last name are Jatt. Another Answer Dhoot's belong to the village located in Rajas than name ( Full Answer )

Is walia a jatt last name?

no. In fact they are part of the kshatriya/khatri caste. please wiki "ahluwalia" for more info... Walia related to Ahluwalia. Jassa Singh Ahluwalia's father was Sandhu Jatt. So the Community Walia & Ahluwali is related to JATT SIKH COMMUNITY. Walia is the short name of Ahluwalia caste.This cast ( Full Answer )

Is Fisher at all an Irish last name?

Yes it is. The Gaelic translation of Fisher would be Ó Bradaín. Son of Braden from the sept of Connaught. In Scotland it would be translated to Mac an Iascair or Mac Inesker, son of the fisherman.

What is all the Cullen familir last name?

When they are in Forks, they are: -Carlisle Cullen -Esme Cullen -Edward Cullen -Emmett Cullen -Alice Cullen -Jasper Hale -Rosalie Hale But technically they are: -Carlisle Cullen -Esme Cullen -Edward Masen -Emmett Cullen (It doesn't say his human last name at any point in t ( Full Answer )

Is purewal a jatt Sikh name?

there is no such thing as a Sikh jatt, real Sikhs don't belive in the cast system They Obviously Do!! The Cast System Is A Big Deal So Shhhhh(: And Yes It Is A Jatt Surname...x no they don't a person who belives in the caste system cannot claim to be a Sikh because Guru Nanak Ji preached the i ( Full Answer )

Is virdi jatt Sikh last name?

virdi are jatt tribe found in large areas in punjab.anyone can check this from wikipedia.. Virdi is not a jatt tribe. Although it says on wikipedia. The Virdi clan is mainly Ramgharia ( tarkhan clan). You can easily ask any Virdi and he or she would say that she is a ramgharia. Virdi's have their f ( Full Answer )

Is Biring a Sikh jatt name?

Yes it is, the name is spelled in Punjabi with a letter called "rrda" which has made it to be derived into many sub names to suit the English alphabet. for example the names Billing, Binning and Vinning all derive from the same last name.

Is Panesar a jatt last name?

Not a single chance is Panesar a jatt surname! It is one of the most prominent and prestigious ramgharia or tharkaan surnames around!

Name all major leaguers with last name gonzalez?

Is this a quiz or do you really want to know? 32 of them with birth year: Carlos 1985 Gio 1985 Alberto 1983 Edgar 1983 Adrian 1982 Enrique 1982 Andy 1981 Luis A. 1979 Mike 1978 Edgar 1978 Dicky 1978 Alex 1977 Lariel 1976 Geremi 1975 Wiki 1974 Raul 1973 Alex 1973 Gabe 1972 Juan 1969 Luis 1967 Jose 1 ( Full Answer )

Is Madder a jatt Sikh last name?

Madder is a Ramgharia Sikh name. Although i'd like to remind you that Sikhs arn't really supposed to believe in caste as it demotes equality in the community .

Is chohan a jatt name?

Chohan or Chauhan is both a Jatt name and a Rajput surname. Chohans, Cheemas, Chatthas and Chahals have the same ancestry.

Is jawanda jatt Sikh last name?

Absolutely yes, Jawanda is a Jatt Sikh name. Examples are; BhaiDharam Singh Ji of the original Panj Piare & Sucha SinghSoorma.

Is Bisla a jatt last name?

yes it is !! this caste belongs to jatt or jaat (as many live in haryana now) they were mainly from Punjab but as they have chosen to stay in native places.. they can be found in haryana , uttar pradesh & rajasthan as well.... their presence is also there in many foreign countries.... the ( Full Answer )

Is Sinhmar a Jatt last name?

Yes, Sinhmar is a jatt name; however Sikhism does not encourage the caste system and does preach equality between everyone.

What are all the Cullens last and real names?

Edward Anthony Masen Isabella Marie Swann Mary Alice Brandon/Whitlock Carlisle Cullen Esme Platt/Evenson/Cullen. She married twice. Rosalie Lillian Hale/McCarty Jasper Whitlock Renesmee Carlie Cullen/Swan/Masen. Bella's last name and Edward's last name. / Means they married or changed the ( Full Answer )

Is lehal is jatt last name?

yes, they are some spelled it like lel, lail, lehl, lehel or lehal. they are mostly found in Punjab (india $ Pakistan). and very small in number in haryana. they are also found in Brazil, and Hungary where a brave army chief died whose name is lehel.

Is Phull a Jatt last name?

I think it is a Punjabi Khatri (Kshatriya) last name. I am unaware of any Jatts with that name, but a list of Khatri last names where "Phull" appears can be found at the related link below. Also, ancient Hinduism classifies Jatts as Kshatriyas, in a warrior ruling class sense (Chandravanshi), so th ( Full Answer )

Is bal a high jatt last name?

Bal im sure is for jatts and non-jatts. I have that last name andim a jatt, and I found a different individual with the same lastname and he was not a jatt.

Is ahluwalia a jatt last name?

Nope Ahluwalia I's a clan by itself they are originally wine merchants like how jatts are landowners the Ahluwalia clan are the highest caste among the sikhs and they hv many surnames e.g jaj, bhar,sambhi,chaani, tulsi etc these are their gotras

Is lochab Sikh jatt last name?

Yes it is. Jatts are found in all three religions, sikhs, hindus and muslims. Most of the lochabs, also spelled lochav follow hinduism but some villages follow sikhism.

Is khubbar a jatt Sikh last name?

Real Sikhs always have one last name , Guru jiassigned- Singh for men, and for womens/girls it Kaur, yes khubbar is a jatt sikh surname

Is mattu a jatt last name?

Yes it is. There is a village name kesarpur near kapurthala city in punjab, india and most of the families carry mattu as their last name and all of them are jatt sikh.

Is Janda a Jatt last name?

Janda is a Czech and Polish surname and is derived from the first name Jan.

Is patara last name jatt?

Yes it is a jatt surname. It is used by Jatt's from the village of Patara near Jalandhar , Punjab, India. The original Jatt surname was Khun Khun but due to the nature of the name people adopted Patara. Originally adopted by Sohan Singh Patara. Well know people from Patara include Talwinder S Patara ( Full Answer )

What are all the last names of Barack Obama?

He has no other last names. He was born as Barack Obama, he has lived all his life as Barack Obama (although in high school, he wanted to be called "Barry," he never legally changed his name). There are many internet myths about the president, but his name has never changed, nor did his step-father ( Full Answer )

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Is Khattar a Jatt last name?

yes it is !! this caste belongs to jatt or jaat (as many live in haryana now) they were mainly from West Punjab(Pakistan). They follow Islam and Hinduism with very few Sikhs.