Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum

What are all the Pokemon you can see in Pokemon Diamond?


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Turtwig, grotle, torterra, Starley, staravia, staraptor, bidoof, bibarel, kaioketot, kaicketune, shinx, luxio, luxury, abra, Kadabra, alakazam, magikarp, gyarados, Budew, roselia, roserade, zubat, golbat, crobat, geodude, graveler, golem (trade graveler and it wil evolve), onix, steelix, cranidos, rampardons, shieldon (get a fossle undergroud), bastiodon, machop, machoke, machamp( evolves from trade), psyduck, golduck, burmy, wormadam, mothim, wormple, silcoon, beautifly, cascoon, dustox, combee, vispiquen, pachorisu, buizel, floatzel, chearubi, cherrim, chellos, gastradon, hearacross, aipom, ambiom, drifloon, drisblim, buneary, lopunny, gastly, haunted, gengar, misdreabes, mismagous, merkrow, honchkrow, glameow, prugley, goldeen, seaking, barboach, whiscash, chingling, chimecho, stunky, skuntank, meditite, medicham, bronzor, ponyta, rapidash, bonsley, chimchar, monferno, infer nape, piplup, prinplup, empoleon, sudowoodo, Mime jr., mr.mime, ect.

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you have to catch all of the pokemon in diamond or SEE all of the pokemon

The only way you can see all the Pokemon on diamond is by going into the GTS and global trade different Pokemon.

you have to see all the Pokemon in the pokedeks

you have to see all the Pokemon in sinnoh.

the Pokemon in diamond are sinnoh Pokemon i suggest http://Pokemon.marriland.com/diamond_pearl/pokedex to see all of them

No, you cannot see every Pokémon in the National Dex in Pokémon Diamond however you can see every Pokémon in the regional Sinnoh Dex in Pokémon Diamond.

there are 150 kinds of Pokemon that you can see and/or obtain. Unless you have friend trade you Pokemon that you can only get in pearl to you, you'll never obtain them all. In Pokemon diamond and pearl all you have to do is see the Pokemon and you get its data unlike the older versions where you have to obtain them.

you have to see all the Pokemon on the sinodex then prof rowan gives it to you

To get the national dex in diamond, you must see, not catch , all 150 Sinnoh Pokemon.AnswerBy viewing and/or catching all of the Pokemon in Sinohh.

all u need is the national pokedex in pearl or diamond to import them u must have it

you have to get the national dex when you see all 150 Pokemon orif you play platinum you will have to see all 210 Pokemon

get an action replay then get the "poke mod" otherwise known as Pokemon modifier and then find all the Pokemon.

you have to beat the Pokemon league and see all 150 Pokemon in the sinnoh region

Battle every trainer in sinnoh or just type into Google ,where can i see number ___ in Pokemon diamond?

all the 493 Pokemon that exist now for a list see: http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-dp/001.shtml

The truth is that you have to go throw the whole game and see all of the Pokemon in battles or catch them. Then you get the national Dex and migrate from the GBA game.

You have to see all the Pokemon in Shinnoh. (You do not have to beat the Elite 4)

your rival will have one and so will you. A trainer will have the last one.

He is in Sandgem Town, in the Pokemon Lab after you see all the Sinnoh Region Pokemon.

Mostly by battling all of the trainers to see palkia go to an old lady in celestia town and she will show you it

You can see a Golem in the Pokemon League

You can get the National Pokedex in Diamond when you see all 150 Pokemon, but not necessarily capture them.

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